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Wind Turbine Family

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The Jeffersen family lives on a small farm... in Thisted, Denmark. And like most, they use a lot of electricity. But this family is part of a growing trend... of folks who have vowed... to decrease their carbon footprint. They create their electricity with a wind turbine. Well, I got this windmill... because I wanted to produce... some electricity for our household. And I wanted to produce the electricity... carbon dioxide free. The family of seven uses electricity... like a typical household. We like using the computers, and watching the television. And we like taking hot showers, like everybody else. By having a wind mill, we can do that with a good conscience. Because we know that the power we consume doesn't expose the environment. Now we produce electricity... without producing carbon dioxide. It's a feasible way to... take our little part of the responsibility... of getting better environment. Right now the wind is approximately... 5.2 meters per second, and right now the wind is producing... 4.2 kilowatt. And I'll guess that the household... right now is using approximately... 2 kilowatt. So right now we have an excess production of ... 2 kilowatt. This means that some of the electricity... is sold to other households. And when it is windy, the turbine produces... enough electricity for... seven other families. Their next goal is to replace... one of their vehicles with... an electric car. One of our future plans is to reduce... the carbon dioxide emission... from the cars, by changing one of the cars... to an electric vehicle. Right now it's not possible to buy... one of those cars, because... they are not at the market. But I guess it will be at the market... during a year or so. Then we will change the little car... for an electric vehicle. By using an electric vehicle, we can... charge it from the window during the night. we don't use very much electricity... during the night, and of course... this electricity can as well be used... to charge the batteries on the electric car. Costs for a home wind turbine system... can vary. But materials alone start at... a few thousand dollars, U.S.

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Posted by: greenbo on Mar 8, 2010

A Danish family saves energy with household windmills

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