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Meet us - Professional Aspirations

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We've spoken to industry, we've asked them what they want and what they wanted were graduates who were able to hit the ground running people who knew a lot of the skills before they walked in there, but were also capable of developing and maturing as they went through their career so for instance we've got a module called make-up for special effects and the person who delivers that has done work for tv, studios, tv companies, things like that. We are getting Andy Smith who is the England Rugby Union doctor This guy basically covers all the trauma care for rugby union The students love it, it's 2 days, it's intense and to have somebody of that calibre wish to come and take his time with our students just shows that the course is getting a really good rating. we've also had some of our students do so well on placements that they've been offered a job there and then have already started working there and gone part-time while they study the 2 together which means they've got the best of both, because they are earning while they study, which is better for the pennies. A couple of days a week I spend with our Media, Writing and Production students so last year we had links with a number of businesses, on a number of different productions It's one thing actually being on the course and having a social life but if you've got someone who can be the conduit with the industry professionals, then I think that's really important too. We're encouraging any new partnerships, so we work with graphic design companies, photographers, we've got an education partnership with the BBC and we're working with a range of businesses across all business sectors. We do seem to have a lot of guest lecturers in different areas and stuff like that and a good chance of getting work experience places with companies relevant to your course Without the University of Bolton I wouldn't have got these work experiences in the first place and I've actually got some work coming up with Britain's Got Talent and X Factor, and stuff like that So it's a really good way to get your foot in the door and they definitely give you a push out into the big wide world and give you the knowledge you need to progress further once you've left university. I've come away and become a freelance artist by my own choice but I've still got so many links here and friends here that I can come back any time and feel part of it it was great to be able to come in to uni, talk to my ex-lecturers and say this is what I'm planning on doing and them saying 'yeah, go ahead and do it, and it's going to be great' and I've still got the support from them, and they are going to come and see the show. I certainly didn't need a degree to do the job that I did but it has helped me and it's opened lots and lots of doors that would never have been opened if I hadn't had studied I've been to Florence, I've been to Barcelona, I've been to Amsterdam I was the Ambassador for Bolton University at Athens which I exhibited in so it's like all these opportunities have been absolutely amazing and my CV now is sort of like a roll of wallpaper. The actual degree and the contents will prepare you for what's to come in industry so it's a good place to build foundations I'm so pleased I did it, and to the university I'll always be grateful for that that they gave me that chance, because it was never on my radar. It's been an absolutely tremendous journey one that I absolutely cherish and I love and I feel like part of a family here I absolutely love it, and I can't wait to start my Master's. University of Bolton

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We've been asking students and staff what makes the University of Bolton an exceptional place to study. These three-minute films have been put together by experts, but theyre completely unscripted.

Our universitys focus is your professional aspirations. See here how that works in practice, from the staff and students who experience it day-to-day.

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