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The Beaver (2010)

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(boy) Is Dad gone? (mom) He's not gone, honey. We just agreed that it's better if we don't live together anymore. (Older son) I'm glad you kicked him out. What a loser. (narrator) This is the story of Walter Black. A hopelessly depressed individual. The successful and loving family man he used to be - is gone missing. And no matter what he's tried, Walter can't seem to bring him back. (Walter) What's that? (boy) It's a brain. Mom says yours got broken. (narrator) So you can see that Walter is a man who has lost all hope. But he's about to find his voice. (Walter, as Beaver) Bloody hell. Look here. I'm sick. (Beaver) Do you want to get better? (Walter) Who are you? I'm the beaver, Walter. And I'm here to save your dam(n) life. (mom, reading) The person who handed you this card, is under the care of a prescription puppet. Designed to help create a psychological distance between himself , and the negative aspects of his personality. (older son) This is a joke, right? (Beaver) No, son, it's a fresh start. I'm not talking to you, nut job! I'm talking to Mom. (beaver) Good morning all. (beaver) As of now, Walter is resigning. And putting me in charge. (beaver) Have one of these. A beaver? It is the future. (reporter) Mr. Beaver wood chopper kit is selling out in droves. (wife) I've been very patient, but I want you. Not him. (beaver) This man is a dead end. He's gone. (wife) I fought for you. And I will continue to fight for you because I love you. I want Daddy. I know, buddy. (older son) When I was a little kid, all I ever wanted was to be like you. When I got older, I just wanted to be anybody else. And now? ♪ [Frightened Rabbit - "Swim Until you Can't See Land"] ♪ Swim, until you can't see land ♪ ♪ Swim, until you can't see land ♪ ♪ Swim, until you can't see land ♪ ♪ Are you a man, or are you a bag of sand? ♪ Where do we start? We start with the good part. [Captions by] [ workers gasps]

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