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5.Ayurveda and Nature

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Here we are in Nature! And I want to speak just a little bit about all the elements that come together synergistically out here in the outdoors. Because our natural environment and ayurvedic medicine is built on the foundation of nature. And, if you are wearing all of the elements that are playing each Dosha. All of them are very obvious out here in nature. The Kapha Dosha is combined of the elements of earth and water. We have the soil, which is full of minerals. and is moisturized by water. And, this makes the structure, the foundation. For nature this is where all the nourishments come from. And, fire, Pitta is all about transformation. So, from that earth and from that water, from that soil, grow your plants and trees. And, they grow up, up into the air. And, all of the water gets transformed up to the trunk of that tree, and, out the trees and out the flowers. So, this is your transformation. This is the Pitta Dosha. And, then you have Vata which is air and ether. We have our leaves all around us that are blowing in the breeze right now. That's the movement. And, ether is the space in which things take place. So,when the sun shines on those leaves, and photosynthesis occurs, and creates food for these plants. It's taking place in this container, the space, and that is the ether, in which things happen. When you are living a natural life that's in alignment with nature, you can feel these things around you. You hear the wind, that's the movement, that's the Vata. If you were colder right now, and I were the Vata, it might be bothering me. But, it's warm, it's pleasant, it's just a gentle breeze right now. If I am sitting in the sun, and I am Pitta, and, it starts to become too warm, but, here in the shade it's very nice and cool. If it were really humid and raining and cool right now, as a Kapha, I might feel a bit uncomfortable. I want something a little bit warmer, and dryer. And, all of this, also, comes together int the food that we eat. So, take a walk through your garden if you have a herb garden, and think about the plants that you have there in your garden. Their roots, their foundation is in the earth. That's the Kapha component of that plant. The stem where all that transformation takes place, that's the Pitta component. And, these flowers that come out on the top, that's your Vata component. And, Ayurveda heals on the based on a philosophy of opposites. So, Kapha helps Vata. You know, the cool of Vata can help Pitta, and, the heat of Pitta can help Vata. So, you use a flower which is Vata, to cool the Pitta you use a stem which is bitter and astringent, to enliven the Kapha. And, you use the root, which is grounding, and solid, to calm the Vata derangements. So, nature is all around you. this is what we use in Ayurvedic medicine to balance ourselves. Go out and spend some time in your yard. And, spend some time in the woods and nature and feel it around you. And, think about these elements that play in your surroundings and inside of yourself.

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5.Ayurveda and Nature

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