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Peace One Day 2009 video

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My name is Jeremy Gilley. I'm an independent documentary film maker. As I was growing up all around me were scenes of aggression, war and hate. I couldn't understand why we just can't get along. The more violence I saw, the more frustrated I felt about not being able to do anything about it. But I wanted to try. In July 1998 I decided to make a film about peace. Than I realised there was no day of peace. That was it. I was gonna try and establish the first ever annual peace day. A day of global cease fire and non violence. A day for everyone to become involved in the peace process. If I failed the film could make a profound statement about a world unwilling to change. If I succeeded, well that was almost inconceivable. I travelled the world to build a documented case for the days existence. The day could be a beginning of a deeper process. It has the practical impact of allowing access of humanitarian aid, access of information, freedom of movement relief from the pressure and tension of not knowing where the next bomb or bullet may come from. That to me is an idea who's time has come. Trough time I think it will become more and more effective. What do you think? - To come to 100 percent, you need lot of time. But I think the great thing is, at least, we've done something for the next generation. Yes. If there is a sensation for a day than it gives us an opportunity to move supplies safely trough places that are otherwise difficult. When you go around the world and find a group of people that like to do what you do but in their country, than go to another country and do the same thing so you would make the thing more powerful. Yeah. How old are you? - Sixteen. You're about to leave school soon? - Yeah. - Will you do it for me? I think it's a great idea. Any moment, whether it's a day or a week that we can give the combatants to pause, to think and reflect on what they are doing to their own people and to the environment, will be a great achievement. And I will support it 100 percent. The United Kingdom and Costa Rican governments have now joined together ... I think the important thing is to keep talking about it. Keep trying, you know. - I'll stay with you and see how it goes. But I think it's very very important that I am really really proud. The need for such an enhanced approach was originally brought to our attention by a UK based non-governmental organization: Peace one day. This is a step forward in international relations. .. to be observed as a global cease fire day. Let's stand up on September 21st. Let's say that we want peace. And let's begin. To make peace a reality throughout the world, 365 days a year. Thank you Mr. President. May I take it that the Assembly decides to adopt the Resolution? It is so decided. .. you know these things that you have in core that you whack? there you find one of them. A Peace day has been adopted by every member state of the United Nations. An annual day, separate from politics and religion. A day when every human being on earth can become involved in the peace process. And that's what's important - every human being. Because if you can find it in yourself to do something for Peace day, September 21st no matter how big or small than together we can create a day of global unity and that unity will save lives. We've been working for years with United Nation's agencies and humanitarian organizations to document lifesaving activity on the day. And it's been a huge success. Now with these Peace days, we have an opportunity of building more every year on every year. It's not a pipe dream, it's a reality. 1.4 million children vaccinated in Afghanistan during the Peace days last year. And this year we hope it's going to be 1.8 million. What happened was historical, was magnificent, The Taliban came out with statement saying they are not going to harm any vaccination teams. If it happened once, it can happen again and again and again. All over Afghanistan there have been 82 separate Peace day initiatives. So you see the day is working. So the challenge now is to let the people know that Peace day exists. We decided that creating an education resource had to become one of our main priorities. After an year and a half of work, the Peace one day citizenship resource pack was completed. And last year it was given free to 92 % of UK secondary schools. This year with the support of Ben and Jerry's at Scholastic it will be given free to the Schools of America. It's our intention to give the Peace one day education resource to every school on the planet. I said to them what you've done and we would very much welcome the special resource for the schools in Afghanistan. And our work with young people is growing in fantastic ways all the time. One day one goal. I'm ready to play. We teamed up with Puma and created the One day one goal football campaign to see matches played all over the world on Peace day. From a conflict zone in the Ivory Coast to an indoor shopping center in Tokyo to the match I played this afternoon on the White Heart Lane I am delighted to announce that there have been football match played in honor of Peace day in 180 countries around the World. Instead of kicking ass, lets kick the ball on September 21st. will you play? Over 100 million people in over a 100 countries are marking the day today in many different ways. We're still at the beginning and now we need your help Please make your commitment to the day because each and every one of our commitments makes a difference. By making your own commitment to Peace day and logging on our web site, you will inspire others to do the same. As commitments grow so the message will spread until everyone becomes aware of the day. The idea of having a Peace day when we can allow barriers to come down allow people to get in with much needed aid and medical supplies it's a fantastic idea that I support whole heartedly. You don't know what's gonna happen.. until you actually try. We will not stop until we've informed every human being on the planet that Peace day exists. It's up to our generation to build the foundation for united world. And it will grow it will really grow if you get behind it. So please mark Peace day, 21st of September and lives will be saved. It's our moral responsibility We have the responsibility to show the right path. So, I fully support it. What will you do to make peace on the 21st of September? Thank you to all our supporters, particularly to the secretariat of the United Nations without whom none of this would have been possible.

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