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Jacque Fresco - Relationships and Expectations

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Okay, let me tell you something. Let's go in sex here, start talking about something. Let's see what is this about male and female. And the female requires a certain, sex in a certain way. And let's assume you just jump on, having your orgasm, and then get off and some pipe off and drink. That is your pattern. Her pattern is sleep on things, and foreplaying, you know that, and foreplay is what you used to do as a kid, you get to that point. You know that? Yes. And when you are married, you don't need that seducing, thriller, and all that, you just go to bed. Some people do. And so, that why says, or others says, you got to stimulate them, in the way, how would do i stay, well, you know that bite my neck, bite my ear, and she does exactly what you laid out, then you don't feel, and it's real, it's an act, and say you're not turning on. And you say your wife, you know, when turn over my ear turns me on. And you seem that she does not that well as she does it, she doesn't tell you why, because is a bitch, what happened. So what has to happen is that sex can not be, a psychiatrist that says hypothesis would that look like, you know, sex is something between two people you have to stimulate the other person. I don't believe that. I think that whatever you said patterns off, if you meet somebody that have similar patterns, you would be glad of that. And you have to construct in the patterns, then it comes to some pattern. You think you know what i mean? Yes, this get in problems on other thing, you said. You didn't turn her on. No, i don't know what you mean. If you have to... if you have to go through whole series of things which turns someone on, instead it becames the voice. And you could make some suggestions about this? Oh, i don't mean that, breaking assurance. Oh, i see. Bring differences, i don't like to do that. All right. And you say, go ahead, and you know stimulate, you see? If you do that, it arose on the top, this is the truth. And i was bothering you, you know, put on that, it is really hard. Now, you can suggest, and if you don't, get more or less problems, and said, and you sustain, let go, let it go. But that we don't do that, we stay on. And so, we became irritated. There are people that put things upon you, constantly, and they put things on you. And so, you have no idea how people let put things. And what things? Criticize? I don't know. And say, look, are you going to Hollywood, taking this too long, drop all, you know, look, saying we don't want to drop off, hold their air, Jesus, you know? There are people that put things upon you. But you depend on those people, you get enough on those things upon, up to you. That you needed. Yes, because a relationship is accepting some (?) of the other person. And when another person can't sense your attitudes, when it came to such attitude. I don't care that (?) self (?), this is nonsense, but i care if a lot of (?) listening, i would care. So, it's the (?). Then the point is, if you washing dishes after you eat, otherwise you wash my dishes. Jesus Christ, this was a pain in the ass or something, do you understand? And it doesn't mean it's a pain in the ass, does it mean that might be, an alien criticism. Now, if i came in James apartment or something and got papers all over the desk, and you say Jesus Christ, how can he live in that mess? Now, i have being insulted here, because called me as a consultant in this mess organizing, and there are many people that don't call us for those purposes. When you come and visit Alex, and i say, were you trying to get job in the theater? You get a job in the factory, and you get something like steady jobs. He didn't call upon saying as consultant. Here he said Jacque, i don't know what to do with my life. Then, you can suggest 19 plans, see? And that is all that he think about. The point is that we come upon people. And you say you know what to do. You know, convert that. You are on top, this way or do that. And unless John say i got these cars and i want to carry a lot of aluminum, that was a lot of kinds of pieces too be here and put there, then you put some extrusions through, and put a front locker, you know? That is a kind of odd anymore. Is that a good idea what if you do that in your own car. But it is because it is not that concerned. If you picked a lot of extrusions, what if you do that? You only kind of that name on. And you said that is my pattern, it apparently doesn't bother that much. Okay? So, in other way, when you suggest person, why don't you do that yourself? Whatever i talk about these sections i do not necessarily do it myself. Note that i did not advocate that i anybody do it. I just forced it out, and if you can use it, use it. Now, another thing that i would say is every time that i use eyeglasses forward. And when you can heat this and bend it again, and you say was a pain in the ass, or i like eyeglasses like this, we turn around about to make it. The bank and the other guys would say they don't like, they want to bend around my head, adjustable, so where i leave were never useful. And so, i can make that when i get around. But when i were around that much, i would be. But apparently, it's easier, as sometimes the problem working, is more important than stopping and making it. Sometimes stopping and making is the answer. But i don't wrestle with myself. I don't even do shopping, as i'm going to make a rack on little things that i got, you know what those should be. And i walked around, and i don't have a method for it. I'm not, i have being looking for it. And when i got it, i suspend that project. But i'm not, i don't accumulate unfinished business. You know what that means? You accumulate things that you want to do, you wont be (?), you wont be able to sleep. You get up nice because, you know, i though that were under force on unfinished business. So, i have a lot of business, rather than you call unfinished business. I would set a product when i feel like it. But if i set up aside, i don't worry about it. When i set it aside, i don't say that you would do that. I think you do that. When you said a thing aside and you wanted to do, and accumulate parts you worried about, and that was you want to do, and you don't finished, and you set it aside, and that is not interesting matters. But you got all of these things that you do, that you want to do, then you started a list when of what you can get them done, you go to the library, and you read the books that you want, and you read that. But there is a lot of things everybody has that they can't do. And there is a lot of people, even know that things are not available, they get into a habit, and it is a lousy habit in my opinion, a lousy habit. And saying that store being opened, i would finish that god damn thing now. And they arrive that, and what they do is get high level pressure. And they get helped, and they became invulnerable and aged. You can consider the nervous system if you could understand it better, and this is your hand. Imagine the skin being pealed on a sand paper rather than under skin. And that was way inside of you. You want something, you can't get down if you are very edgy. You feel rather you can move. And there is no way you can move. Setting aside is the answer. And now you have a set of aside. You look at the situation, and nobody move it. That would not work, that was on TV. Stream bits. Whatever you can set of the sound. If you know you can finish, there are a lot of things that you put aside, and say well how can we get back, and sure... and you finish it... Well, this is what has to do with. If i am the rightest, in this company owns my stuff, and at giving time, and they pay my rent, and they give me payment of 5,000 dollars on a book. Otherwise i don't worry, i can find how to pay a rent. And i would rent that work. Writing into the cars working. And i'm writing a script that may sell. Or may not. I may shut up the fucking draw. I would say that they are right in two things, well i can't pay the rent and i can't rent the car for you. That would submit myself to that kind of abuse. I put more or less on you. That abuse? Yes, in that sense. That is... I don't even think that you go too far, i don't when you either, which you mean... When you are irritated on nice things, don't try to pass them apart. You irritated this light? But maybe these guys, a lot of them, admit that they don't have got a penny left to their neighbour, they would do that. About those guys? Well, they do, and... They were irritated, their babies are crying, their wife was person, maybe, you think that... They are adults, they belch, they have their problems, thy have polites, they have nervous disorder, they have ticks. So. the point is, setting things aside and reserving your drive, for d day. Do you know what d day is? When we invaded, the Normandy? The more you need. When the ships came in? So the army says soon we will return on the germans. Not yet, at least you don't take them sooner or later. So, they set things aside for d day. We know we have no d day. Now, look over head, suppose you got your d day. You got a 100,000 year contract, of a radio show, you know what i mean? All this sort of things? And you said that the cancer was grown, and you were going to need it now for it. There are things that happening on people, they interfere, they will be there. So, looking forward the d day, and let's assume that Sociocyberneering goes through, and we got the funds for the first city, and i got a heart attack. You know what i mean? Maybe you would back and say well done, you see? What is a, what you want to do now? What you want to do now? And so, whatever plans you make, whatever you go through, and maybe some inherent factors are coming in, things that are hard to do. And so, if you learn how to set things aside, you are less apt to have an heart attack. Less apt to it. But if you are tense in everything you do, i don't suggest you to relax, because you still have to get back to the problem. I wouldn't say that even if a person goes over, and working, and they are uptight, they get little wine and relax, maybe is all right. Or he sit back, relax, and maybe all right. But your attitude about the problem that cut you up tight, is what i want to say. I am not interested if you are coming and practicing the other. What i am interested in is you learning how to confront situations and administer your orientations. You understand? So you don't need by thought, by relaxing, all the way up. By the real situation? Yes, i see. In other words, the reason i don't like that kind of thing, is because there is no training in diminishing your inner development. Well, Yoga exercises presumably helps, will carry over in the other areas...

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Jacque talks about sex and people's customs.

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