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Ok! What is Quia, and why do we use Quia books in our class? It's a online lab manual that has many audio clips for you! So since you can't come to class in person and hear me speak Spanish, and speak with me You need a place to do that in an online enviroment so you get to hear the teachers's voices in the Quia activities, and it encourage you to repeat after them, talk to yourself, talk to your computer, and when you are ready type in your anwers for Quia Please DO NOT copy and paste from Quia. It's really obvious when you have exactly the same formating, punctuation, etc... So so really don't do that one. I've given you 03 changes to complete your Quia work The first time give your best shot. Then the second time you can go back and find tuned, and the third time get as good as you can get, but don't be tempted to copy and paste. I'll give you a grade of a 0 if you copied and pasted it or if they've completed the entire Quia activity in 20 or 30 minutes. It's meant for you to spend hours during the week using and practising your Spanish. I can see the timestamps, I can see the work you did for each attempt. So just to set you up for success don't be tempted to do that. It's not about perfection, it's about practising and doing the best Spanish that you're able to do in this begginning level class. Ok! So thanks so much. If you're having any questions about how to set up your Quia book or why not post a private message in, and some people actually submit their Quia work early before the dealine that way I have time to go back and look at it If they've missed a lot of the activities or had some kind of errors we have time to work that out before the deadline. Ok, Good luck! Enjoy Quia book. Make the most of it, and you get to listen to a lot of Spanish. Bye Bye!

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How and why to use your Quia Book online lab manual

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