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Why Partner with RSA

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Thank you for partnering with RSA. I want to share with you a few points on how this partnership specific to RSA SecureID Access can enhance your business. Now this is whether you have an established security practice or are looking to add security to your portfolio today. So, when it comes to RSA SecureID Access, our experience and time in the industry truly does matter. So number one, what we do better than any other two-factor, multi-factor vendor out there is analyze the risk that a user poses at the time of access and then we challenge them only when it's necessary with the best authentication option for them. Number two, we provide customers with the most choice when it comes to the authentication options. From time tested hardware or software tokens, to new authentication options like push notifications on your phone, biometric, SMS, and face recognition. And finally, our solution is certified to integrate with over 500 third party solutions. Many things you sell today like VPN's and next-gen firewall's, cloud and SaaS applications, or endpoints like laptop servers and VDI's and much more. So, from ground to cloud, RSA SecureID Access works. Now why these three differentiators; integration, authentication options and risk analysis matter, is because customers need the balance between security and convenience to be successful and RSA is able to provide that. So why should you partner with RSA? Well, number one, we address the issues compelling our customers to buy security today. That's threats and risk and compliance mandates. We also enhance and increase the size of what you're selling today. And your customers are considering our solution so you should be the partner selling it to them. RSA provides all the benefits and incentives you'd expect to support your efforts and this is things like competitive deal registration and rebates, marketing co-op, no cost business development and marketing tools. We also have the dedicated channel support, sales and technical training, and we have the expertise to assist throughout the sale cycle. So I'd ask you to connect with your local channel account manager to create a plan that helps integrate RSA into your selling strategy, get connected with your RSA resourcing counterparts, and account map and determine the best target accounts. And then finally log on to and check out all the great business development and selling tools we have. Thank you.

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Why Partner with RSA

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