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The Truth Behind Fawzy 2

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The Truth Behind Fawzy 2 Huh? Huh? I can't sleep from the noise Wake up, Fahme, we're going to die, Fahme Can't one get some sleep around here Why did you do that, Fawzy? I've told you I'm not Fawzy, I'm not FAWZY So who’s doing that to us ? And why, huh? And how would I know? I’m just like you No, no you're not … you’re sitting on a leather chair while I’m sitting on a wooden one… huh, what does this mean then? You wanna drive me crazy?!! How can I take my head between my hands while I’m tied up like that? I’m telling you, we’re gonna die Fahme Tell you what? Come on take the chair Fahme, I don’t want it, I don’t want this chair, I don’t even like it in fact. Come on take the chair Hello Fawzy, Hello Fahme, I want to play a game Always calling me Fawzy, there's no point When is the translation coming? Both of you are tied up together And the time has come for one of you to die in order for the other one to live The machine you’re tied up to is an electric saw which moves horizontally And to live, one of you has to push the saw with his feet towards the one in front of him At this point, the electric loop will stop but one of you will be cut in half The selling price is fixed, the shipping price is the same wherever you are, contact us You have 60 seconds to decide who’s gonna live and who’s gonna die Hey, hey, hey, heyyyy I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna diiiiie Do you think I wanna die? No no no no don’t move it You don’t move it You can't do that, I’m not even married yet, you’re gonna spoil my future That’s it, since you’re not married, what are you afraid of? This is shameful What do you think of taking this nice saw? Look how it is? Nice when you think about it I don’t like saws. You take it! No, I swear never. Please take it. Be my guest Wait, wait, I have an idea What? Hold your side Yeah right! Why don’t you hold your side, wise guy You don’t trust me? There’s no time, we’re gonna die Trusting you how? You want to kill me None of us is gonna die. Believe me, brother. I beg you to believe me There’s no time, there’s no time, quick. Trust me just this once Ok then, for the first and last time Hold it tight Fahme. I’ll count to 3 and then, I’ll remove my foot, be careful One, two, three Careful Fahmeee Now I have to cut this string. I’ll remove my foot, ok? Hey Fahme, don’t betray me! Don’t worry, don’t worry Do it like me! Quickly. Cut the string from your side and keep holding Wheeew Now lengthen your foot with the string towards me The game has finished But I’m still cross about that leather chair thing. Why was it you? I’ll tell you what? It's late so don't drive me crazy Don’t yell at me I’ll yell like I want and I can also put my fingers in your eyes if I want to… You're such a blood cold person How rude are you! I am rude? Okay, come on then Okay then I’ll put my fingers in your eyes You are so rude You're rude, you're naughty – I can even reach your neck, Oh that man, I saved you man You are naughty - I swear your smell is killing us, shoe smell - Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You smell like shoe and I bet your father does too We want to play a game No, no, no, everything but this, everything but this... my aaasss

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Duration: 7 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Jordan
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: kharabeesh on Sep 13, 2011

Let's stand hand in hand against coward attempts to ignite sectarian tension in Egypt after the Jan 25 revolution..

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