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Make your XP Computer look like Vista

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Hey everyone, today I'm going to show how to make XP look like Vista This is an XP Computer although, it does look like vista. First we need to go to This is going to start us out with our Vista view. We are going to plan on getting the ViStart and the ViOrb. So I am going to go the ViOrb first and download it. This will get you that Vista start menu orb in the bottom left of the screen. Instead of that regular XP start menu button. Now for ViStart it is going to look like this, It looks like this. Now it is not going to work as fast as a regular Vista computer, Because this is still an XP operating system. It should look like this, it is pretty cool. Once you have downloaded that, the third thing we need is the Zune theme. Just Search Google for a windows zune theme. If you click on the second link, it should download the zune theme right away. This is just a basic desktop and startbar theme. It will modify a lot of things though. Now we have the ViOrb, the ViStart, and the Zune Theme. If you want to get a little more in-depth with your Vista theme, do a Google search for Vistamizer. Then click on the first link, then it should take you to this page. Then push the download button, and follow through the installation steps. This program will change every single aspect of your computer, all of the .dll files in your computer. A dll file is just instructions to the display. This will not harm your computer, this will pretty much change every single display property of the computer. Even it will change the display of the computer starting up. I have it on right now, but say you don't like it anymore. To get it off, go to your start menu, then click on all programs. Scroll down then until you see where it says vistamizer. You have 4 options under vistamizer. Then push uninstall. This will uninstall vistamizer completely. This will set your computer back to normal. If you have any problems with vistamizer, let me know via youtube message. I should be able to answer them, I have been through every single vistamizer problem imaginable. I use this computer a lot, so I am more likely to have problems with such a big program. It should look a lot like this, it looks very cool! This is what the folders look like. This program comes with Vista cursors, folder icons, just everything. And this is a tutorial on how to make XP look like Vista.

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Posted by: lucaskaratekid on Mar 6, 2009

Make your XP Computer look like Vista

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