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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience] [Business] >>One last note, because you are a partner with Uber, you really are the boss. You're responsible for all aspects of your business and you get the benefits as well. One of the benefits for partners is driving more trips unlocks rewards. Through Uber, you can get discounted financial planning services,   car care options, and many other offers. You can save money by taking advantage of these rewards. To learn more, check out the ratings tab on the partner app or the partner website under "Rewards." Before the rewards kick in,   you need to know how you'll be getting paid. You can keep track on your fares on both the Uber website and on the Uber partner app. When you get paid depends on where you work and sometimes you have a choice. For example, in the U.S. you can get paid weekly via direct deposit or set up an instant pay option. The partner help site is also a great resource. Outside of Uber, you can take control of your business by keeping your paperwork in order and logging your expenses properly. In some places, you can just get in your car and go, but in others you will need special permits or licenses. Check your local Uber website to determine what is required.   You can log your expenses the old fashioned way using a paper and pen, or any number of apps. You can also use an app like MileIQ to really account for all your driving miles, not just when a rider is in the car. We actually recommend you get a tax advisor or use a trusted service like Intuit or H&R Block so you get the maximum number of write-offs when tax season rolls around. Since you are running your own business, those write-offs can really add up. For example, basic operating costs like vehicle expenses or your phone plan may be things you can report. Any extras you keep in your car for riders, like candy or water, are 100% deductible. Think even further outside of the box. If you download an app like Yelp, you can use it to see which restuarants in your area are highly rated. If a rider is using an app like Uber to get to dinner, they're probably using an app like Yelp to figure out where they want to eat. This is also an excellent way to expand your knowledge of your city's hot spots. Uber is an exciting opportunity to make money and expand your skills as a business owner. You get to decide when you want to work, where you'll start driving, and how long your day is. You really are the boss. [Business Review] [Use the partner website, it's a great resource] [You're the boss!] ♪ music playing ♪

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