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Diabetics Cured Within 30 Days | Diabétiques Guéris En 30 Jours

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We've got a huge problem in our society. With cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Can part of the problem be traced to the food we eat? I love the documentary film Super Size Me. Because it really shows What happens if you eat junk food Non-stop over a period of 30 days. How would we show each food that is good for you? Actually has measurable beneficial effects on your health. Diabetes is now reached epidemic proportions. The most frightening thing is the incidence of type two diabetes amongst children. There is no doubts in the states, we are building to huge health crisis. Attempting to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes type two using pharmaceutical medications mineral deficient food, is moot. It's not going to work. Most physicians wouldn't believe that it could be possible to reverse diabetes with diet alone. It's amazing to me that western allopathic medicine doesn't really embrace it. They have no concept of the connection between nutrition and health We wanted to see what would happen if 6 diabetics followed a whole raw live food's diet for 30 days. A nationwide search was undertaken to find those eating the typical standard American diet, the sad diet, and here's what happened. A medical team was assembled to monitor the health on a daily basis. Their blood sugar levels were checked daily. They had no meat. No dairy. No alcohol. No caffeine. No refined foods. No junk foods or fast foods of any kind. No candies. No sugar. Raw vegan foods. When you cook anything over 118 degrees for one minute It destroys all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. I love salads, and greens, and tomatoes, and cucumbers, and avocados. The food sucks, like today it really sucks, and yesterday it really sucks, and the dinner always sucks. You're going to have to learn to love a salad. Learn to make a good salad, with some good salad dressing. So this diet is going to ??? in a positive way. You have the information genes. You have the cancer genes. You have the antigen genes. You, each, are on a very unique voyage. It's your voyage. It's not because of my health issues. It is not because of anyone. I just want to go home. What the hell is wrong with me? What do you mean? I don't know! I don't know! This is scar tissue from the burn. Left above my foot ??? If he worked to reverse it, he would be going toward amputation. They should have cut your foot off. Good thing you didn't because look at him now! Like I don't even care about eating. And I’m not going to drink just because they don't want me to, you know! I would way rather be hitch hiking and going to Mexico. It looks like alcohol was consumed throughout the whole 30 days we've been here. That's what it looks like. To me, it just didn't feel like you have really give the whole program a chance. And then you didn't give yourself a chance. I'm chief evening thunder junior. My father was chief evening thunder. My great-grandfather was ???. The last regional chief with the ??? Indians. My feelings is that I am ready to cross over right now. Just not used to eating like that, you know! I just can't do it! I want too, but I can't. You are taking off? Yeah! Yeah! This sucks! Yeah! I've got to go though. So I think it's incredibly symbolic that he was picked up by his nephew. Whose four hundred pounds. And his blood sugar was 500. And who could barely walk. Take it easy! Take care of yourself! Perhaps see you soon! We might have a few more difficult days. But it will ease depending on how we support each other. And then, this morning, at one o'clock in the morning. It just came to me, that if I leave I am not going to get the effect that I should. Now my mind is allowing my body to heal. I can beat diabetes, honey! 111! Waugh! Clap, clap, clap, clap! 111! We've got a breakthrough! I learned a lot about my addiction to food, my love affair with food. And how, I had to just shift my whole mindset. I've been the man with the land, and I'm looking for the truth. And my god, I found it! Walter ???. 73. ??? fourteen Without insulin! And you are telling me what program works? Your program works! This works! That works! Everything in my body is working fine! My pancreas is working. Is giving me the insulin I need. Now I know that, I don't have to have medication for my diabetes. I don't see why the doctors don't know about this. I'm going to make them aware. And I have an appointment with my general practitioner prior to when I will return to Minnesota. What's happened here! What's happened to your weight! Wow! You lost 25 pounds! And I feel good! My god, you look like a different person. And I am happy about it! You look great! And I feel really well. You are something else! You really are! Thank you! How do I ship all my patients to Arizona? The results were unbelievable! Fantastic! The lab test, really speak to that! It's not just diabetes. It's like everything went back to normal. By the fourth day, they were off their insulin. Completely! By the end of the thirty day period, their blood sugar had stabilized and they had effectively reversed their diabetes. We can consider you are cured of diabetes. It is amazing the power of the food! That's what Hippocrates said. Food need no medicine. Medicine is no food. Along with the amazing improvements in their physical health, there were huge improvements in the mental, and emotional health of the participants. Bottom line was, they felt happier! It just makes sense to get as much raw as you can! There's one thing that's everything that we all know. It's in every single persons consciousness. In every language, in every culture, in every country, and it's, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

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Diabetics Cured Within 30 Days
Diabétiques Guéris En 30 Jours

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