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The Evolution of the H-Wing

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the evolution of a robot that plays an aggressive support role in the battlefield This type of robot is unique and flies around in style Ladies and gents, we have caught the eyes of the H-Wing So what is so special about this type of robot, and what was the evolution behind its creation? Before we start this video, we are going to be introducing you my brother My brother is going to be joining us today on helping us with the evolution of the H-Wing "Hi, I'm PureCookin" So without further or do, let's get started Let’s start off with its origin The H-Wing’s design and evolution was created by Jopie110 around July 2016 It wasn’t like the H-Wing was created in the blink of an eye Jopie was derping around with designs and just building He approached the design differently since he wasn’t an expert builder After much time spent building, he finalized the design of a drone that was easy to control and built it to auto stabilize when flying This robot’s form of combat is different from other robots designs It contained 3 Plasma Devastators and 4 Nano Constructors The triforcing was based off of a 4 branch structure with the power module being a centerpiece to gluing the robot together It’s priority was to heal along with using plasmas as a form of defense or when allies are all healed up and you just need something to do The popularity of the H-Wing would not have been possible without the twitch streamer known as LeftySpinHand At first sight, Lefty believed the design to be flawed and flimsy until he took it out into the battlefield It became something he loved to used and continued to use the H-wing as a primary robot Jopie was loving the H-Wing, but he also wanted to improve the design even more He created over 20 different variations of the H-Wing to form this This was the birth of the Nova-Wing created around September 2016 This bot was slightly more condensed in size and the Bat Wings were added to make the robot look different It utilized triforcing with 8 branches of damage routing and was more redundant He removed helium to allow the robot to have more control when flying The only problem was that LeftySpinHand loved the helium because it was easier to control So Jopie went ahead and created a helium version for him known as Nova-Wing Lefty Style The evolution was growing and was reaching closer to its final form This was the creation of the Fero-Wing created on October 7th, 2016 This robot was more compact, more agile, and was overall better than the previous versions Jopie replaced the Nano Constructors with Menders which was recommended from clan members of iTAGback Its overall design was better even though it had a slightly lower health than its previous versions The creation of the H-Wing designs evolved into a unique build that was built differently It played a key role in supporting and goes to show that with motivation Jopie was able to pull through a slick looking design that is viable LeftySpinHand helped bring the H-Wings to life with his streaming and utilized the robots to their potential Every H-Wing design type are currently available in the CRF so if you want to give it a spin, feel free to do so So that pretty much wraps it up for this video I want to give a huge thanks to Jopie110 for providing me the information needed to create this video and also PureCookin for cooking with us in this video LeftySpinHand helped bring this to my eyes Literally, the first time I actually seen this type of bot in action was when he was using the Nova-Wing during one of his livestreams Be sure to check out his twitch channel and tell him “hey, you're that one beard guy on twitch.” It's my phrase for him .. When I first saw him Anyways, I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite and PureCookin logging out We will catch you guys later Umm. I kinda forgot to ask you What does PureCookin have to do with space? Like why are you here in space cooking? PureCookin: Uhhhh. Because I love to cook? In Space? SpaceK: Do you at least cook pizza? PureCookin: YEAH! I cook pizza all the time SpaceK: Ok then. Your good. Your approved then. PureCookin: Pepperoni! pizza SpaceK: Sausage pizza PureCookin: Alright!

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Nov 21, 2016

Learn the evolution of a support drone that is awesome to use and can dominate the battlefield. The H-Wing designs are unique with each build having its own touch of love. Enjoy!

Big thanks to jopie110 for providing in-depth information needed to create this video.

LeftySpinHand played a huge part in promoting and being a person to support the H-Wing designs. Be sure to check out his twitch channel, talk about his beard, and see the H-Wings in action:

My bro bro PureCookin joined me on making this video which I did not expect at all. If you have any comments for him, use #Cookin in the comments and he will reply :P

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Richard F - Awakening

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