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HOM 5 - Reptilians and the ORIGIN of EARTH

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So, I am with the Earth and the gravitation; and basically, how Earth became this manifested expression. It was because of the core, gravitation/the principle of gravitation (which flowed through everything that this universe/galaxy consists of, to one manifested form). The Atlanteans were quite a massive race; they were massive. They were the most extensive race that existed in existence, in its entirety, during that time. Of course, Anu was curious, and he asked why. They said they don’t die, that they are able to manifest different expressions of themselves (which you would see as the child expressions of the Atlanteans). Anu said, “You do this with awareness?” The Atlanteans said, “Yes. We found that we’re actually able to design ourselves; and in that design, we become different expressions. We’re different; but we’re the same and one.” So, in terms of the race of the Atlanteans, themselves, they quite comprehended oneness and equality, even though they duplicated themselves--well, it’s not “duplicated,” it’s “designed child expressions of themselves, which grow up with different expressions.” Of course, Anu was very curious, and he wanted to find out exactly how this was done. So, for quite awhile, he spent time with the Atlanteans (an extensive amount of time), and learned about their creative abilities. Through time (if you want to call it “time”), Earth became more and more manifested, solid. But an interesting thing occurred; the Atlanteans, themselves, didn’t become solid. The Annunaki who were here, who manifested certain things (except the gold, of course), weren’t solid. That’s basically where land started manifesting, and Earth in itself started ‘sprouting’ from there (if you want to call it that). As everything became more manifested, manifested, manifested from the center, everything became manifested; but only on the planet, not the beings themselves. Yet, there was gravitation. The Atlanteans pondered the situation. How the Atlanteans manifested (if you want to call it that) on this Earth was through the water; they used the water as sound movement to manifest themselves. In other words, they were OF water/they were OF sound. So, in terms of them being able to manifest here on Earth, it was quite simple; because their expression is of water, which is of sound. Now, I’m just skipping forward, basically, through time. This is how everything started manifesting. Plants and trees, I’ll get to that. Dinosaurs did exist. Also, if you want to call it “Evolution of Man,” that existed as well; but not as an “evolutionary process.” It was that Mankind was developed in a certain way--didn’t work--they were removed; Mankind was developed in another way--didn’t work--they were removed. It wasn’t a “process” of evolution, at all. The process of evolution basically started- [sighs] when was it?--yeah, I’ll get to that; but anyway, let me continue. So, Anu started noticing that everything was manifesting; and he wondered what on Earth was going on. The Atlanteans explained exactly what they did, because they knew exactly what they were going to do and they knew exactly why they manifested everything; but they couldn’t figure out why THEY couldn’t manifest (the Atlanteans, of course). Because they really wanted to manifest here, along with their expression (which is this planet). Then, Anu came with an idea. He said the following: “If I look at this gold, this gold is manifesting, as with this Earth; but I’m using components of this Earth/planet” (it wasn’t called “Earth” then--I’ll get to the name). “So, gold is actually manifesting; so what does that mean? That which is of this planet, if we use that, we’re able to design (possibly) something that manifests, for us to be able to manifest here.” The Atlanteans quite liked that idea. Of course, ‘Anu and them’ also wanted to manifest. So, he asked the Atlanteans, “Okay, hear this. If I design this for you, may I manifest here too?” The Atlanteans pondered; again, they said no. They said, “This is our planet. We thank you for your input and your assistance; but no, this is OUR planet. You are your race; we are ours. We have our agreement; you’ve got your gold. What else do you need?” Then he came and he said, “To exist infinitely--infinitely.” They said, “It is impossible.” He said, “No, I’ll show you it is possible.” They [Atlanteans] said, “Okay. I’ll make an agreement with you. You manifest that which will be able to sustain us in this manifested planet, infinitely; and you may then manifest forms that are able to remove and retrieve gold for you from here.” Because a problem came at the following moment: when gold manifested and they were interdimensional, and they couldn’t particularly get the gold. Okay, this is Jack. I’ll explain to you now how that happened.

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History of Man 5 - Reptilians and the ORIGIN of EARTH

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