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Roland M-300 V-Mixer and M-48 Personal Mixer - Review

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] Now we're here at the Roland booth. We're taking at the Roland Digital Mixing System which is the V-Mixer M-300. The...the Roland digital mixer's a 32-channel digital mixer. 16 channels up, and then the other 16 channels are on the second layer. This digital mixer is fantastic. You can do all the things you'd expect to do with a digital mixer in terms of storage, of EQ of your Gate, of your Compressor, your settings...all of that. But what really makes this a great mixer is that it's part of a system. So we'll go ahead and pan down on the front of the rack here... and you're gonna go and see a stage box. This stage box...these are the outputs that are connected to...or inputs that are connected to a digital recording device down here. But the stage box is where you're gonna plug your microphone inputs and those are connected to the mixing console via ethernet. So you have one ethernet cable going from your stage boxes, up to the mixing console. So if you're retro-fitting an installation in a church, and you need to go ahead and run new wiring. You don't have to worry about running a lot of copper wiring. You can run just one ethernet connection from the back of house to the front of the platform and then you can distribute ethernet out from there to as many stage boxes as you need. The other thing that makes this a fantastic system is they have a Roland personal monitoring system. That's also connected to the VM-300 via ethernet. So this is a simple ethernet connector, on the Roland personal monitor system. It's a 40-channel mixer. So you can get as many of the channels...access as you want. You can submix down. So this instance, we have vocals on one channel. We have percussion on another band and then I might have my vocals here. As I sing on a worship team, so uh, we have 4 background vocals and a lead vocal and that's where these would be. The uh, there's some bass and treble control. One of the beautiful things that this has is. if you take a look at the back... It has an ambient mic. So I can simply turn up the ambient mic control and I can hear, in my in-ear monitors, what's going on around me. I don't have to pull them out of my ear. It also has, not only the standard 1/4 inch connection but the standard 1/8 inch connection for your in-ear monitors. And it has line output so you can use it with powered wedges. So if you're using powered speakers for your wedges, you come right out of here and use this as a mixing system. So it is again, connected with, all 40 channels, coming through the ethernet connection. So the whole system you see it, 32-channel digital mixing console. You have in this particular booth we have four of the personal mixers and then we have the stage boxes. Can range anywhere from a basic $6,000 for the mixer Up to about $20,000 including all the stage monitors, or excuse me, the personal mixers that you want and the stage boxes. And, in fact, the stage boxes can now be recessed under the platform in a recessed stage box. So you don't even have to see it like a snake. So the whole system is a fantastic system and particularly suitable for an older church that needs to retro-fit and you don't have a way to run a lot of copper from the front, uh, to the back of house. So, from the Roland booth the VM-300. This is Ron Simonson. ♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 20, 2012

Quick look at the Roland M-300 V-Mixer, a digital mixing system that includes a stage box that's great for retro-fitting a sound system into a church. Includes the Roland personal monitor system that is also a 40-channel mixer that allows you to submix down to different groups. The M-48 Personal Mixer also includes an ambient mic that makes it possible to hear in your in-ear monitors what's going on around you without having to pull the monitors out of your ears. Great for older churches that need to retro-fit and there's no way to run a lot of copper wiring from the front to the back of the house.

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