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I - What is Auschwitz - 9/ Krema IV & V and the shower rooms(9/15)

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Of crematoriums 2 and 3, on to the crematoriums 4 and 5. The minute quantities of Prussian blue found in the ruins, both by Fred Leuchter and by Germar Rudolf, decidedly show that the Germans never gassed en masse in these two crematoriums. Besides, a little common sense is enough to judge the official thesis. This is crematorium 4 photographed during its construction. According to the official thesis, the gas chambers would have been on the left side of the building, the one which is slightly less high. Now here's the plan of this crematorium. According to the official thesis, victims came in by the blue arrow. From there, they were taken into the 3 gas chambers, it was 3 little rooms. Once the victims were locked in, a SS arrived, we are told, with a ladder and cans of Zyklon B. He placed the ladder in front of a window, climbed the ladder, opened the window, poured in the Zyklon B, closed the window, and got down. He repeated the operation 5-6 times, i.e. as many times as there were windows on the faces of the building. How to believe that the Germans, who allegedly planned an industrial extermination, adopted such a stupid procedure? Obviously, these rooms were not gas chambers, and they had another purpose. To what? Let's go back to the plan. We see that, in two of the three rooms - except the one which was in fact a mere corridor - there was a stove, and one installation for the evacuation of water. We conclude that these two rooms, presented today as gas chambers, were simply the showers. Some will say: "Showers in a crematorium, is it a joke?" To those who might be tempted to say that to me, I invite them to visit the Struthof. Here is the Struthof crematorium room in France. On the top with the blue arrow, there is a tank used to store hot water. Let's go behind the crematorium. You see on your right the oven, and on the top where the blue arrow is, always this famous hot water tank, with pipes. But, if you look where the red arrow is, through a small window, you see a shower room, still in perfect condition. Beside, in his testimony entitled, "Night and Fog", Dr. Andre Ragot, who was deported to the Struthof wrote: "I often went to the crematorium for the disinfection of incoming commandos." On his side, Eugene Marlo, another former deported at the Struthof, wrote in his book: "Hell in Alsace": "A moment after, the Kapo ordered me to take some clothes, that I will find in the shower room, under the window adjacent to the furnace room, to put them to disinfection." This is the proof that, in the Struthof, in the crematory building, there were also showers. It was the same thing in crematoriums 4 and 5 in Birkenau. Far from being equipped with gas chambers, they were equipped with showers, that had been built like in the Struthof, near crematoriums, to collect the heat from its furnaces, to heat water.

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I - Qu'est-ce qu'Auschwitz - 9 Les Krema IV & V et les salles de douches (9-15) - YouTube (360p)

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