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Felix the Cat: The Fur Coat

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Felix the cat and the Fur Coat Someday at the Baker's house... Mrs. Baker always wants to impress the neighbours "All the neighbours will talk about us" "Well, I don't have enough money for a fur coat" "I want a fur coat!!" "You don't even need it!" "If I knew this I would have married John. He's rich now." "He would buy me a fur coat..." "But, ...Honey? .." "I have to get this fur coat, somehow.." " I really hate this John." But Mr.Baker isn't very lucky at his hunt. "I will never get enough fur for a coat." Felix the Cat is passing by. "Hey Baker, what are you doing here? You look sad." "Are you trying to shoot something? I can help you learn how!" "Why not. Thanks, Felix." "You just have to concentrate on the object" "And then: Shoot!" "See?" "It's really just concentration!" "Ohh, that's impressive" "But I tried my hardest!" "My wife will leave me, and go to John.." "We had a little conflict and I can't come back without a fur coat!" "I need to get enough fur for a coat, but I won't get a single rabbit!" "I'll help you, Mr.Baker!" "Oh, thanks Felix!" "Just stay here.I'll get the fur!" Soon, Felix found his first rabbit. "Come and get me!" "Where is this rabbit!?!" "I got you." "No, that's my own tail" "Uahh" "Aua" "That's definitely not the rabbit." "What should I do? Ahh!" "Come here and get me!" "That silly cat Felix disturbed my sleep again!" "What is he doing now?" "You can't fool me, Felix!" "Damned" "This time I'll get you!" "Oh my God.." "Felix is coming. I wonder if he can shoot so many rabbits in such a short time" "Hey, Felix do you have enough fur yet?" "Well, I have some fur.. it's coming right after me!" "See?" The bear is coming directly toward them. "RUN, Felix!" "Ahh" "Yummy...Cat for Dinner!" "Help!" "Where is he?" "Look inside, Felix" "All the neighbours will be so jealous of my fur coat!" "Well, she could also be my dinner." "What!?!" "My poor wife!!" "And we can't help her!" Kawumm.. Pluff "I'm seeing stars!" "Ahh, she's following me!" "Crazy woman..." "What happend in there?" "Let's see." "See, my new fur coat, honey! Thanks for the fur." "Look at this nice fur! Everybody will love it" "Thanks, Felix!" "You're welcome."

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Posted by: laurawollny on Nov 6, 2009

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