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SpaceUp HOU 11 - Humorous Spellings T-5

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Engineers don't have a reputation for being very good spellers. Fortunately, yes, I am. So I've done a very interesting thing. I've collected humorous spellings. And I would like to share those with you. To entertain you with hopefully humorous misspellings and to train you into perhaps recognizing these tichnical tecklers. Technical ticklers: You switch the vowels, you get ... [stammering] tech ... tick ... tick ... tech. Most people see this. Just random technical text. Alright. But what do I see? It just flashes ... my eye is a ... Can anybody spot it? My eye goes right there. Postion. Not Pos-i-tion. Post-ion. Good spellers I think have a good pattern matching algorithm and we just see it really easily. My eyes are automatically attracted to words that just don't match their stored visual pattern just at a glance. It's a skill and a curse. Makes for a good editor. Right? So what I've done is incorporated my collection into a job description that you might find for a typical NASA worker. Most of these are real. Some are invented. And you can see that the pattern of misspelling include missing or substituted or transposed texts -- letters. What key there is that it's still I'm going to read this as it's spelled. Alright? The BFS project includes the functional areas of GN&C 'gudance' -- instead of 'guidance'. 'Nagivation' -- (should go a little faster) instead of navigation. 'Figth Conrol' 'Sytem Mangement'. I see that a lot instead of 'management'. 'Mangement'. And 'Specal Porcesses' [audience laughter] And 'sequencnig'. 'Dipslays and Cotrols' ... 'Hadware Intefarce Pograms' that should be 'pograms' not programs. I think I messed up the, ah, yes ... timing up there a bit once I -- I had timing already in there. Your 'reposibility' in the 'feld' of 'Sotfare Engineernig' For those of you that don't spell well it's there, spelled right below it. Maybe I should ... is to 'genrate' and 'udpate' or 'maintan' 'Acsent' instead of ascent, 'Gudance Nagivation and Conrol Desing Ductements'. For 'Spac Shyttle Oribter Dipslays and Cotrols'. while 'ensuing complaince', instead of compliance, with 'apriciple detialed stadnards', instead of detailed standards. Believe me I've seen a lot of these, but not nearly this dense. It's just fun to see them all in one place. 'Form relavant refence docments', instead of reference documents. 'After an analsis of the matrial sour code.' 'genrate a Descrpancy Discreption in a ... ' okay ... those are fun words if you just switch the e's and i's. 'of the apporcimate egpected staticon (instead of expected station) to idnicate the signficant prolbem.' 'This idnustry has a jagron heavy with acronums and smybols.' (instead of acronyms and symbols). 'idetnifying hadware and sotfare sytems and envromnets.' That's hard to say ... [laughter] 'cagetories (I like that one) of relavant technoologies assoicated with spac vehciles.' This is just going on and on. 'Mangement of chagne and porcesses and cricital.' I love that word 'cricital' instead of critical. 'Analsis of assmuptions behing desing decsions are intergated into the defintion.' 'Each worker must quafily for the taks.' I hope you've been entertained by this little ... [applause].

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Posted by: spacevidcast on Feb 12, 2011

SpaceUp HOU 11 - Humorous Spellings T-5

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