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Albert Einstein Afterdeath 1: Slaves as TalkingHumans

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Albert Einstein Interview - Part 1/2 Hi, this is einstein speaking from, albert einstein of course, speaking from the dimensions..through this interdimensional portal. and..I am here to..'explain' to you and share with you, my experiences on earth, and how I experience myself in the dimensions (laugh) and.. yes, is quite a..realization, I suppose for many beings on earth here.. to see, and..hear me: albert einstein..speaking through this interdimensional portal, and..realizing that I do exist, still..yet not in a physical manifested form. So..what I found fascinating, experience on earth, of the greatest existence I suppose (laugh) there was uh..many more, but yet I was one of the of..the beings that have prepared the way, before many..many others, and.. I got mostly what I..I am about to share with you is.. of my experiences in the dimensions that when I became aware of..who I was here on earth. and..a fascinating thing, or a fascinating experience to consider is the following: What I asked myself when I got to the dimensions of course, is that, you have.. great minds, but you have also only so few, or even a select few in this world, and.. the moment I die, I kind of ask myself that question: but why? Why is it that there is only a few, human beings on earth that.. has, specific..talents, for instance myself, having such a profound and great..'mind'. to have..had the ability to discover..what I had. to have the ability to 'do' what I had done.'s strange. because, you kinda have, then a whole conflicting polarity competition existing in the world. because you have beings who have, 'extraodinary' ability such as myself. and then you have those that are apparently, aren't good enough to achieve.. or be able to do..or be able to attain to..what i, had been able to do, and.. you know, why does this world work this way? and then you have the beings who are not able, apparently not able to do what I had done..feeling inferior, believing themselves to be unworthy, believing themselves to be not good enough. Yae, I mean..the list goes on. and I wondered why..the entire world, is not able to have done to what i've did, that.. why the entire world, couldn't have such a 'great mind' or.. you know, those equations came through.. in terms of the insight..that i, that are occurred within me.. while I was in the dimensions after I die. (ask) and..upon asking those questions, i..started moving, through out humanity.. now me: in this spirit form. and..what I discovered was extrodinary..and what I discovered was frightening, and.. what I discovered, was..interesting. What I noticed is that, human beings (sigh)..are slaves. That human beings 'were', slaves, and still are slaves. and.. this is profound statement, I am sure..for many, know..that which you don't see. You might fear..that which you don't see.. you might not even take into consideration in your world, because it apparently doesn't touch you, but this that I am about to explain.. touches each and every single person in this world. and..I am here to speak about who I was on earth, because.. that was also part of the system, and..I 'was a system' on earth, and the system..that was designed..before birth already, to become..who I was, and.. that's not who I am, and..that is not who each human being is.. they're not..that, which they are at this moment.. because that which each human being are at this a system, and them.. and what I discovered and explored on earth.. e-specificly in terms of equations..and imagine a sand all of existence, That's about the refraction of mathematics that i..ended. and even..the great mathematicians of the world, and the great minds of the world at this moment, is but accessing..a sand grain, compare to existence..of what mathematics, really..stand as, what mathematics consists of, because it's fascinating..the systems that are..inside people. Now, first let me explain what systems are, what i, mean by the term of systems.. and what i..and how systems are connected to..human beings that are enslaved, is that.. there were these dimensional beings..that were called..'creators', and..they..decided to..'enslave' humanity, now..understand that these systems that are placed inside human beings..are.. interdimensional systems..and they are, called, or refer to as consciousness systems. Now these kindof systems consist of your.. conscious mind, your..subconscious mind and your..unconscious mind. That which, generate you thoughts, that which generate your feelings, and that which generate your emotions. that which.. completes the entire package of what you'd refer to and define as your personality. That is a system. so..what I'm Saying is..that each human being.. from that perspective of having a conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.. having a thought, experiencing emotions and feelings.. are derivative experiences and manifestation of expression of systems. It is not 'Who You Are' is not that life 'essence' which is expressive.. and comes forth: actually only when you die. because.. What 'dies': is a system.. your physical body, at this very moment, contains that system.. which is locked in to the sub..conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.. generating emotions and feelings, and charing your thoughts. If you think, you are a system. if you experience emotions and feelings, you are a system. That is consciousness designed, systems.. from interdimensional beings..who enslaved humanity, and..that is what I was 'as well' on earth. When I was 'born' this information i..gathered from when I died, I looked at my birth..looked at my life, and.. I realized that I was no different to any other human being.. except that 'my mind system', was differently designed. My system was designed to become that, which i'd become.. was designed to have been able to 'do' and apply..what I had done and applied. Was able to..'discovered' and 'explored' specificly..what I had discovered and explored. So, in terms of my life here on earth, it was but a stepping stone (to a certain extent).. of what mathematics, equations..specificly in that field of what I had..presented to this world.. is really but a refraction of the understanding of what it actually really is.. that we are composed of: what it actually is that we existed as. These systems, that has been..manifested.. within human beings, already at birth.. is mathematical equations. Consisted of numerical..'foundations'. In other words, this whole world, the universe, From a perspective of systems, of consciousness systems that which existed inside human beings, interdimensionally: is of numerical mathematical equations..and it's fascinating because, you know you apply mathematics to a certain most of the universe existence, and I am certain there are many great minds that have already discovered that, but.. that is but only, literally..'the tip of the iceberg'. In terms of the extraodinarily nature of mathematics.. of 'numbers', of equations, of symbols.. everything come together.. to build the foundation of the systems.. that are inside human beings, 'that they believe..who they really are'.. and that is actually powering and generating, and..moving this world. End of Part 1. CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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