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Introduction of the BipBip System!

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'' BipBip introduction'' We are in troubled times now and it may take even more time before things get better. Luckily the way you advertise can now be smarter, more efficient and less risk oriented. So this may catch your interest. Introducing the BipBip System to you and 3 billion shoppers. Our high tech concept allows us to target an audience that carries this device with them 24 hours a day. But it's not another mass marketing tool. On the contrary, it's the first real one-to-one marketing tool that puts the shopper in control of the information they receive while saving you time and money. Through the unique mobile advertising tool that we call the BipBip System both retailers - big and small - can execute professional customer based research that is unique and one of a kind worldwide. We don't bill through mobile operators. Because the retailers pay their bills via credit card, factoring or PayPal we only spend 5 percent of our income on sending SMSes. As you can see we are a low cost service. Even if the economy worldwide crashes harder than it has now we have a flexible enough profit range to outprice every competitor on the market and still maintain a good profit. On top of that our donation program will ensure that BipBip has a positive image. We hope that in 5 years the entire donation program will be one of the biggest donators to all organizations worldwide. Our service has a worldwide patent pending that has already been pre-aproved in the Eurasian area. Our license concept gives every local media around the globe a chance to make a significant amount of money. So you should decide now, if you want to be part of an old fashioned and outdated advertising concept or join us - the future of advertising and be on the cash side of life.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Latvia
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: F.Gerhardt/L.Larsen
Director: F.Gerhardt
Views: 332
Posted by: luffemann on Dec 16, 2009

It's much more than "just" a mobile marketing tool - much much more ;)

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