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Haitian Flag Day 2010- Lil Haiti, Florida

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Yanick Landess making the introduction: Today is a Haitian Holiday! It's an historic day celebrated by the Haitian population. It's Haitian Flag Day! We are now in Little Haiti, in the area of 79 St - 82nd St and NE 2nd Ave. We are going to interview Haitians around here. We want to know how they are doing, how they feel about their Flag Day. Thanks. Good morning. Today is Flag Day! How do you feel today after what happened in Haiti on January 12? How do you feel when you see that Haiti is still there; that the Haitian Flag is still waving? How do you feel about that? Well, I have to tell you, today is a beautiful day because I see my flag being celebrated. Even though we suffer a failure, we cannot be discouraged. Nou are very proud to celebrate and wave our Haitian flag today. This is how we feel: we know our country is destroyed, but as long as we have our flag, we are still a country, we can celebrate. "As long as we have coffee grounds left, we can still make coffee". Well! What happened ... hurts! But we are devoted to our country and we'll celebrate. This afternoon, around 6 p.m., we will start the event. I don't think everything will be the same as last year because we have been seriously damaged when the earthquake hit Haiti. Presently, there are people in tears. Personally, I lost many family members and if I were there, I would probably be dead. But, thanks God, I was not there, I was over here. But, I believe in my flag. I know we love our flag. We love our country. We would like to celebrate at home, in Haiti. We love our Flag Day Celebration! And we feel good, we feel "anfòm" while cebrating our flag today. May 18 as we know is Haitian Flag Day! The Haitian people are making an effort to overcome their pain, dry their tears and celebrate their flag. With or without money, any way we can, in the diaspora, we are celebrating too. We, the Haitians living abroad, we are celebrating with the Haitians living in Haiti, in memory of all those who lost their lives. Good morning! How is the business doing? The business is very slow. You know why it's so slow? It's because of what happened in Haiti. A lot of people need their money to send to Haiti. That's why the business is slow. Haitian businesses are not doing well this year, even for Flag Day. Usually this celebration is a business opportunity. But not this year. It's because of the situation. It's because of the economy. That's why! But, anyway. We manage. We are doing what we can. When customers come here, they want to go to the celebration, but they can't. We try to help them. We help them participate and celebrate. Everyone is invited. Everyone without exception can come. All the vehicles will line up and will be decorated with blue and red colors. People need to wear their T-shirts, hats and hair bands. Everyone. This afternoon, everyone needs to come, pay their respect to the flag, and show how important it is. We love our flag. We love our country. We are celebrating. That's what it is. We are waiting for everybody to be there from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. (at Notre Dame D'Haiti Church). And there is nothing to worry about. We will proceed with order. There is no danger. We are just getting together to celebrate our flag, the same way we always do every year. Thank you so much. Thank you. (Interview and Translation made by Yanick Landess for KozeAyiti).

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Year: 2010
Country: United States
Director: Tod Landess
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Posted by: koze on May 28, 2010

On Tuesday May 18, 2010 Tod & Yanick Landess went to Little Haiti, in Miami, to report on Haitian Flag Day Activities for

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