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Cruise All-In-The-Family

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[Samantha Brown] Hi, I'm Samantha Brown. Get ready to head out to the open seas with the whole family. ♪ music ♪ [Samantha Brown] [AARP Travel Ambassador] With a multi-generational trip, the rewards are just amazing. But how do you satisfy the grandparents, the grandchildren, and everyone in between? First thing to know—every ship itinerary has an inherent personality. For instance, a 4-day weekend trip to the Caribbean is a party cruise. So if you find conga lines and belly flop contests annoying, don't pick this cruise. Once you get into the 5 and 7-day cruises, they're a little more relaxed and family friendly, but hey—they are still about having an ultimate summer party. Itineraries to destinations like Alaska, Europe, and Latin America will have a more educational edge. These trips will be more about the discovery of cultures, nature, and lands unseen— just don't mention the word "education" to the young ones— they won't like it. And what they don't know won't hurt them. [Call it Fun] Remember, the cruise is for everyone. So look for a cruise that will help you balance your family time and alone time. Make sure the ship has a special club for your age children and grandchildren— and these can literally range from newborn to tween to teen. And how late are these clubs open until? You may want to have a special grown up dinner and a moonlit walk. Also, check to see if the ship has an adults only section. No, this isn't the nudist part of the ship. It's just a quiet, spa-like atmosphere centered around a pool where children are not allowed. Cue the angels. ♪ Handel's Messiah ♪ To make this a trip everyone remembers, do something you've never done before. You see, nothing makes a trip more exciting and memorable than everyone trying something they've never done. Snorkeling, swimming with stingrays, hiking a glacier, eating a national dish— make trying something new a goal for your family in every port. For more of my travel tips, visit [Samantha Brown] [AARP Travel Ambassador]

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Posted by: aarp on May 14, 2014

Get your family together for a multi-generational trip and you'll add to your treasure of memories. Samantha Brown has tips on family-friendly cruises where you'll bond by trying something new at every port of call.

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