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Al-Qussair , Homs , Doctors treating injured soldiers of Bashar Al-Assad’s troops !

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Duration: 4 minutes and 1 second
Country: Syria
Language: Arabic
Producer: me
Director: me
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Posted by: batoolalomar on Jun 12, 2012

Dr.Qassim is treating injured soldiers of Bashar Al-Assad troops after which they got injured by the clashes with FSA .
The FSA brought them to hospital in Al-Qussair and Dr.Qassim and his medical team provided all possible medical treatment .Despite the fact the those soldiers were shooting and killing them earlier before they got in hands of the FSA. The doctors says we don't treat you the same way you do to us , instead we are going to provide you with all necessary medical treatment since our main target in this revolution is founding for democracy and justice .We don't seek revenge here .

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