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Snc Dale interview

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Tair : Okay, so were live at Lansdowne with, your name? Dale : Dale. Tair : Dale, Dale has been nice enough to agree to do this interview with us, were just gonna ask you a few questions. Dale : Sure! Tair : So how often do you use the "Canada Line" in a week approximately? Dale : Well, I, this is the first time I've used it in two months. Tair : Wow! First time? Alrighty, and then on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being "never/not at all", and 10 being like afraid for "fear of death or harm". How important is safety to you on the "Skytrain"? Dale : Oh yeah, it's, it's very important. What were the numbers again? Tair : Like 1 being "not at all, to 10 being like potential "risk of harm or death". Dale : '8' Tair : '8', okay, awesome, so I don't know if you know this but the SNC, SNC-Lavalin built the " Canada Line" as well as they helped project the "Evergreen Line" and the "Millenium line". Tair : So have you ever heard of this company before? Dale : No Tair : No, well, that's okay. So just a quick fact here so: Tair : WorkSafeBC issued 42 orders of safety violations during 16 inspections on a tunnel portion on the "Canada Line" and the "Evergreen Line". Dale : Oh my goodness. Tair : And In November of 2012, David Britton, one of their former employees, was fired from the project for raising safety awareness, and issues about unsafe work. And then WorkSafeBC determined Tair : That he was fired Illegally and SNC lied about the, about the issues. How does this make you feel about - Dale : He was fired legally? Tair : He was fired Illegally for, and SNC brought lies about his issues with safety, and then he was dismissed from the project. Dale : Okay Tair : How does that make you feel about riding the "Skytrain" in terms of safety again? Dale : So he lied, but he was fired illegally? Right? Tair : So the company they lied. Dale : Oh the company lied! Tair : Yeah, the company lied and they said there was no issues with the tunnels. Dale : I see. Tair : and stuff, and he was let go of. Dale : Oh that, ugh, thats a bit frightening, for sure! Tair : And then one last thing we have is, are you, are human rights important to you? Dale : yes. Tair : Human rights, yes. Tair : So temporary foreign were paid less, discriminated against in accomodations, meals, expenses, and were threatened to be deported if they had not agreed to do dangerous work aboard the "Canada Line" Tair : and the "Evergreen Line". Dale : Really? Tair : yeah, and then reccently just, the Government of Canada issued SNC-Lavalin which is the corporation a "punishment reduction" for their corporate crimes such as bribery and fraud Tair : about their unethical practices of human rights. What kind of picture does this pose about this company? Dale : Are they Canadian? Tair : They are indeed, they're based out of Quebec. Dale : I' m so surprised! Well it makes you think they're not Canadian! Tair : Yeah, Right? Dale : That's what I think actually, yeah, I would think that maybe a foreign company would do something like that, but, not a Canadian company, I'm quite surprised. Tair : Alrighty, Thank you so much for doing this interview with us, enjoy the rest of your day! Dale : Thanks, guys!

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