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The Zeitgeist Movement Events in Portugal (June 2010)

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"Gay Pride. 19 June." "Baixa-Chiado. 20 June." Keep consuming, consuming, consuming, consuming until there's no planet left. "Porto. 20 de June." Sometimes I wonder. Does the people know what cyclical consumption is? Well, I explain. "Happy Carriage. 20 de Junho." Dear passengers, this is the happy carriage. Don't be afraid of making contact with the other passengers. "Bank of Portugal. 28 July." Schools and hospitals don't matter. What matters is to serve the banks. "Cais do Sodré. 30 June." "Don't worry, everthing is ok" The easiest way is to close your eyes. The man with the megaphone is crazy. I'm normal. Keep consuming, consuming, consuming until there's no planet left to consume. Smile is bad for the economy. Please, be grumpy and go buy a CD to Fnac. Everyday we see other people on the floor, begging for money... Cyclical consumption is when the companies produce stuff to keep the economy cycle unshaken. What does this produce? It produces planned obsolescence. Spend money, consume, buy, work to buy, spend money, run into debt. It's against the system to solve social problems. Have you ever really thought how does our system distort our values? Spend the money you have and the money you don't. If necessary, borrow loans, buy, spend money. Go out at night. Young people, don't think, that's why we pay to politicians. It's so they can think for us, right? Ladies and gentlemen, firstly, thank you for existing. Secondly, don't forget to make eye contact with your fellows. Believe in everything Sic Notícias and RTPN says. Everything. Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden. Now I can see you smile, very well, very well. That's it. Very well, clap your hands. Buy, buy, buy Lady, don't smile. Go buy. Buy, buy, buy, buy. Keep consuming, consuming, consuming until there's no planet left to consume. Don't question authority. That's how we are going to grow. Consuming and working ten hours, twenty hours, thirty hours, forty hours per day. Everything is ok. There's nothing to worry about. Freeze "Don't question authority" "The Bank is my friend" "Don't question authority" "The Bank is my friend" "Bank of Portugal" "Don't question authority" "Don't worry, everything is ok" Buy, buy, buy. Zeitgeist Movement Portugal. Think for yourself.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 7 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Portugal
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Posted by: electric_blue on Jul 7, 2010

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