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It was the first few hours of SIN and a doctor came in to my immense joy, telling us that yesterday she conducted the first therapy with Emgality for an initial patient who was quite happy. The pen was super easy to use and there was a patient that finally could gain access to Emgality. Hello everyone from Bologna and welcome to SIN. We are here with our Emgality. One of the activities we have at the stand is virtual reality the goal of which is to demonstrate the mechanism of action which as we know towards the ligand and not the receptor. And we've tried to communicate this in a very engaging way as they must launch Galcanezumab toward the CGRP. The feedback we've received has been very positive. It's been a great experience, giving you a good idea of what can happen at the cellular level. An exciting experience. Yes, it's been a useful experience also because of the fact that memory is primarily visual, so evidently these images are maybe even more useful than a classroom lesson. You can touch with your own hand what the action is for a drug of this type. An instructive and interesting experience. "After the virtual reality, we give the doctors the opportunity to learn more about the data from Emgality in a fun and engaging way using the touchscreens so they have the opportunity to select the data that they think is applicable and compare it to the original. In this way, they learn about the safety, efficacy and tollerability of our data. We really hope you enjoy the SIN congress and don’t miss out the opportunity to come to our booth." Medical is also present at SIN. We are very happy to have returned to the field of neuroscience and so everything is going quite well and we look forward to the highlights for tomorrow and the day after.

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