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Deaf sentence, by David Lodge

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Hello, I'm going to talk to you about Deaf Sentence, a novel written by David Lodge. It's about a man who wants to retire because he is getting hearing impaired. He is a former University Professor. And he feels his life is declining towards illness, so he feels he is useless and ... but his wife, Fred, is really like kind of rejuvenated and she has a successful business and everything is going well for her. And he has a father who is around 90 years old and he lives by himself in London and he cannot be trusted to be by himself any more. And he is getting hearing impaired, too. So, Desmond's life seems to be upended or ..., everything turns complicated, when he meets Alex Loom, a young American graduate student who becomes obsessed with him. He supervises her thesis about Linguistics in suicide notes. So ... kind of ... She discovers a dark side of his life. Well, life is complicated for a man who uses a hearing aid that sometimes gets stuck with wax and you hear whistles and you hear noises. So, the novel turns kind of a comedy, sometimes it's exhilarating, it's fun, yeah, I liked it, so I recommend you to read it. In the last chapters, the novel seems to turn into something more complicated when he visits the Concentration Camps in Auschwitz and he starts to ... his father, at the end of the trip, his father gets very sick, he gets into hospital, and he starts remembering about when his first wife died of cancer, so, well, it's quite interesting and, I would read it if I were you.

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Mercedes, from EOI Luarca, recommends this book by the British author David Lodge.

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