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James Bullock - San Francisco, United States - English (Global Lives Project, 2004) ~21:00:09 - 22:02:00

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Beautiful! What time is it? — Uh, we have about — we have —8 in a couple minutes Maybe You know, let me check We actually have 11 minutes We have 11 minutes to go It's nice bro, it's nice! I agree with him — Yeah, it's okay — Yeah — Okay. We thought we only had permission from James, so we didn't want to get anyone — Oh really? Oh, no, no —Nobody objected —Great!—Yeah! [Unintelligible] the lights up this whole time, just for that My pleasure. Thank you. Very good, very good! How do I see if it's off already? Hey, this guy has been following me since 6:30 this [unintelligible] At one point I said to him, "you got to film everybody" Right—But he didn't understand; he thought that he needed permission, except for you Yeah, I know, 'cause she been with me, you know, so sick [Unintelligible] Said something to him about, like, "I don't know, I don't want anybody here", you know? Like, I don't know. More of that — You're one of those people on those people to use nodding — Yeah James! So, what, that was so cool, I saw you in there and they were playing So, what's your name? —Thomas We'll probably see each other somewhat there Red head, long ago — Right—What was the name? —Uh Just got an e-mail from her. She lives in the [Unintelligible]. She has like two kids. I think she's, like, 45 now Uh She said you two, you used to talk to each other all the time over something like that She lives up in Oregon? No, she lives up in Illinois What's she named? Red head Oh, man! I know who you're talking about Oh, man! That's been a long time Because we haven't seen her in, like, 20 year. So, like, she dropped off the Earth. You know what I'm saying Right, right And then she got, she emailed this guy we knew in New Caledonia A guy named Billy Right, right, right! And he didn't know who she was Bill Irwing And he didn't know who it was, so then go back to [Unintelligible] wasn't. It's just, like so funny, so As soon as I get home, I'll remember her name. Man, I know Right, and all these years, yeah it's the age So where is this program? You told me this morning that you — This is, he's like, a friend of a friend And he wants a project, he has a project. You know, 18 hour thing —18 hours a day? 18 hours a day? Typical around the planet, I'm the first person So, he's gonna find these other people — Cool, that's totally cool! Yeah, so he went to the beach this morning with me and Sandy. And, like all my cable cars, and, like, here. See what a little taxi driver guy's friends — Right, yeah A small world That's cool, man. That's totally cool Let me show you something. This is gonna be the cover of my next CD I haven't give you my first CD, have I? So this is like, a Halloween costume? Exactly But we are gonna use it. Put it to good work. We're gonna do some variations, because thank God we have Photoshop Photoshop is gonna help us. This angel is gonna look like, I want to put the galaxy in the back of this guy, and the planet's gonna be the real planet And there's gonna be fire, because the name of the CD is "we came from fire". We came from fire We were a solid ball of fire before we became Earth. Can't for get that part. Anyway, I was hoping to see [Unintelligible] because he is the one that's gonna do the graphic work But I think [Unintelligible] is in love. And when people are in love they stay home—Oh yeah Anyway, I'm gonna go home— Ok, I guess, I don't know, we have an hour and a half more to kill. I guess we're going 'til 12:30. I guess, I don't know I don't know what happened to —11:30? —What happened to—quit now? What happened to, um, she didn't go home? No. She was leaving You're still awake What would you do if I wasn't here? Go home But, I'd also shoot some pool. I usually don't go to bed 'til midnight. I could have one drink at the bar. I don't if the bar would let us in, though Ok, um, would the bar let us in? Ok, let's get in the car Take care, James — Alright, see yeah See yeah, bye. The scene of the crime I guess if it's slow they won't know Are you filming right now? Oh my God. They're filming me You remember us from a couple of —I do—What's your name? Rachel Wait do you live in the neighborhood, Rachel? I live not too far from here I feel a little funny because I'm on camera right now, so I feel like I'm just gonna get you a drink I was gonna come and ask you [Unintelligible] I need quarters Do you want the quarters? It's, like, two fifty five Hi Oh, you wanna play? Oh, yeah You wanna break? No, I'll play after you guys No, we don't play by ourselves Oh, ok You wanna break? I have my own here It was only 30 dollars At Big 5 You don't mind being filmed, do you? He's filming me What's your name? I'm Jeanine Jeanine? How do you spell that? J-E-A-N-I-N-E That's really weird I have a friend name Jeanine I have a friend in [Unintelligible] City I have a friend that went to Mission High School Do you want something to drink? Breaking is hard It is And three in the corner James, they make it look good They make it look good or you look good?

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James Bullock - San Francisco, USA - 19:00-20:00 (Global Lives Project, 2004)

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