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Pierre Olivier Berthet, CSC - Reactions & HR evolutions

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I learned three important things: On one hand, the crisis transforms companies, markets, and, of course, greatly impacts human resource management and organization. Secondly, aside from the industry-related differences between the participants, there are some important commonalities. The company must be very attentive to its markets, very agile. HR departments must support local managers, because it is these managers who pay attention to client needs, markets, and the employees who produce for the company, whether this be services, cars, or chemicals. Third, the end of the crisis is in sight, but we're not in the clear yet. Nobody knows how the crisis will end. But, measures must be taken now and HR departments must act now in accordance with the objectives we have discussed: flexibility, productivity, and flexibility of the teams and market. I think that there have been some surprises; HR departments are beginning to review their past actions. After a year of crisis, with its element of surprise and speed, HR departments have begun to learn from the crisis. Beyond these changes, there are some things that persist. The problems are the same; however, HR's responses to these problems are going to change. Why? Because, on one hand, the tools to understanding these problems, the people that are going to solve these problems, have changed. Because of the major worldwide changes to economic, social, or environmental structures, companies and HR departments are going to provide other solutions. Some of these are solutions being implemented now while others must be developed down the road. I was surprised to see HR managers who were not modest but, rather, very pragmatic and who no longer put any stock in the face value of things if reality does not back up these ideas. These managers are highly pragmatic and aware of how quickly theses changes take place and, thus, of how difficult it is to monitor them, much less to anticipate them.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 13, 2010

Pierre Olivier Berther, CSC, reacts to the results of the 2009 HR Survey and presents the new HR trends for 2010.

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