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The Company Men (2010)

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♫ [somber - organ-type music] (woman) Up! Up! Up! Let's go! This is called the tiger, we do it when we need to get our energy up. C'mon, no use sittin' around feelin' sorry for yourselves - I..will.. win. Why? Because I have faith, courage, and enthusiam. Good. ♫ [music picks up, adds drums] Anyone want to take a guess at what I shot at the club this morning? What happened? Did somebody die? What's going on? (male voice) The company's consolidating divisions. Difficult decisions had to be made in areas where redundancy surfaced. You're firing me? Three thousand jobs? The were good people, Jim Hell, it's a business, not a charity. I've always told you what I thought, right or wrong, and this.. is wrong. I'm late for a meeting. I got a kid in college, another one going in the fall. I won't go back to a factory floor, I'll take an AK47 to this place first. Mr. Walker, can I speak to you for a moment? Mitch got thrown off the course at the club. You were playing golf? Getting you're Porsche detailed? I need to look.. successful. Hi, Sally, thanks for not returning any of my phone calls. If you do return my call, I would love to know why you fired me without any notice, you cowardly witch. Gee, wonder why she never calls you back. [sighs] Feels good though. (older male) Will you do the honors? (girl) Dear God, help my dad find a job, so he won't be unhappy all the time. Okay. (older male) You know, if things get tough, we could always use some extra help this winter. (other worker) Did you wear a cup Bobby? Pretty much like moving reports from the inbox to the outbox. I hate your brother. (woman) We can work through this! (Bobby) I'm a 37 year old, unemployed loser. You have Drew, and Carson, and me. You have me. You can make something here. Start out with a crazy plan. Start slow, see if you can grow. Are you in? You just take that job. You're a terrible carpenter. [both laugh] I.. will.. win! Why? Because I have faith, courage, and enthusiasm! [loudly, enthusiastically] I will win! [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Aug 14, 2010

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