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HOM 1 - The Secret of Atlantis -- Where is Atlantis?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 1 - The Secret of Atlantis: Jack (ahem) Hi, (akr) name is Jack, and i'm Here to Communicate about the - History of Mankind. now, i've been in the..Dimensions for..Eons of time, and.. in Terms of the History of mankind, i have..been, Participating and Observing..and.. Discovering..te..the the Outflow of Events: let's say it that (way)..and..i'm Certain, the Main Question, that Exists Inside human "How the fuck did we Get Here?" Yeah. if you Look at this World, if you Look at human beings..just, know: Take a moment, and Look at Everything - you Ask yourself: "How Did we Get Here?" "How Did we Become, what We Are?" (um).."Why do we 'Do what We Do'?" "How is it..that Everything Came About?" and..i am Certain there has been Many.. Different Views..Many Different Opinions (um)..but i Have One: One that i Myself Experienced..i Myself Observed (akr) the Dimensions.. (or) Interdimensional Existence - for a Very Long time, and.. in Terms of the Actual Starting Point, or the Actual Cause: (akr).. which is Obviously the "Effect" that we're Experiencing now, i'm Not Able to Pin-Point IT.. though, i am Able to Give you: an Overview, and the Specific Penetrated Direction - of What All was Involved? know, what is Necessary to Be Done?..because.. Certainly, we Are Not Able to Continue (now).. (smile), Obviously: we are Able to But (um).. i'm sure "the End" is Not One that - we Prefer, and..i'll Start with: "a Long, Long time Ago" (akr)..i was a Very Young Little Boy, (akr) in this Interdimensional Existence, and.. i was very Fond of - Reading, i was very Fond of Writing and..Observing - through my Observations, i would Read..and Write and..During that time, there were.. Multiple..Planets. There was a Galaxy: a Universe and.. there were Multiple Planets, the Planets you your Solar system today.. was the Planets what was Here, manifested (um)..but Not Really as you would.. Experience /"See" it now, through your Telescopes - your Big Ones, I am Not Sure what the Scientific Name is Exactly, of those, but.. the Ones you’re able to See the Planets with - i think..i don’t know, Stars? i'm Certain..because you take Photos (, All that Exists Here now: if you have a Look at the Earth, the Planets, the Galaxy, the Universe - that's what was Existed (um)..and, it was in an Interdimensional.. Vibration Other Words: (um).. they Were Multiple Different..Groups of Beings, that Inhabited Certain Planets - Here, and Had..on Earth: Specifically, was the Atlanteans (akr)..because.. the Atlanteans' Expression of Sound, went One with Water. in other words: Water is..the Actual Complete manifestation of Sound, (um)'s Interesting Exactly what Sound..(akr), how i'll Experience Sound, what Sound Feels Like.. if i'm Able to use the word "Feel", and..this Planet, Specifically, was then: of Support to the Atlanteans, and..Many of course, had the Main Groups: which are the Sirians, the Serpents, the Annunaki, the Martians (um)..then you have the Livuitiuukus? - they Inhabited Pluto..they were Also very much Important, they basically..Assisted with the..Expression of Nature: Interesting (um) terms of.. but Basically, each Planet that you have in Your Solar system - had a Specific Group of beings, a Specific Race - of beings. Not Only "This", but now there are.. Multiple this Existence (um)..manifested (um).. that had Races Existing on them (um) me Continue (akr)..i was this Little Boy, and.. that’s how the Planets and the Races were Divided. now.. Each Race had a Specific Expression, and..Exactly as you have Here - on Earth you have, Basically Different Races: Races who have Different Expressions, and.. but the One thing that is Interesting, is the Following: now, this is Including.. All of the..Beings who Existed Interdimensionally on the Planets now, you’re Probably Asking: “but, How is it that we Became a 3D manifested (um) Existence?” Oh, that was Mainly Thanks to..what's his name?..Anu (akr) Enki, Enlil, Marduk, the Sirians..the Serpents, the Livuitiuukus..and the Martians so, the Martians..were, well, i'll get to the Martians in a moment so Everyone, One day Came Together - Not Everyone..Certain Planets: Many - the Ones of the Races that I’ve just Mentioned (akr)..they wanted to Exist - Infinitely Infinitely In terms of the interdimensional Existence: it was Believed..that you Die (um).. and that you have a Certain Lifespan. you know, you could go up to.. About 700,000 Earth years, or something like that but - you Die, Eventually, and.. Anu, Enlil, Marduk, and Enki were Reasonably young..when they went: “We Don’t want to Die" "we want our Legacy to Remain..Infinitely” and..their Planet: Especially.. was in a Great Deal of Trouble, to a Certain Extent (um)..something Happened there, on their Planet, Oh - they Required Gold. they Required Gold to Sustain their Existence - Interdimensionally. i'll Tell you now where Exactly their Planet was.. and it's Not: where it Always Perceived to be. Thank you. this is Jack More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Hi, my name is Jack, and Im here to communicate about the history of mankind.

Now, Ive been in the dimensions for eons of time; and in terms of the history of mankind, I have been participating, and observing and discovering the..

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