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Welcome to the tutorial on discussions. I will show you how to use the various parts of the discussion tool. So within one of your D2L courses as you enter the course you will see kind of the usual some content, announcements, updates. If there were discussions you hadn't read they would be within this updates section so they would say, you know, twenty unread discussions something like that and those are discussion posts from students or from me. So there are two ways to get to discussions. The first, and sort of, the recommended way is to use content. This will help you structure your course by following along with the units that we're on. And if you were to come into discussions and if this were your first week or your were in Unit 3 of the course, whatever, wherever you're at, you'll notice if there is a discussion it will kind of have these two little bubbles and say something like, "Introduction Discussion Topic" as an example and when you're clicked into that module it will even tell you what the questions are for that discussion. So if you were to click this, it would take you right into that discussion forum. So that's one way to get to your discussions and you can kind of follow along with every unit by being able to go into the unit we're on follow down until you get to the assignments and be able to click the discussion for that unit being able to read the questions you're being asked to answer. The other way to get to discussions, should you just want to get to it quick or you just wanna go straight to a discussion, or for if you have online teamwork in your course then you can go straight from communications discussions as well and that will have the entire list of all discussion forums and topics available. And at the top you'll always see kind of general questions for the course. The specific topics within them will vary depending on the course, but these general questions forums are meant to allow students to ask questions that the whole class might benefit from having clarification upon so if there's a question about something in the syllabus, or some specific assignment in the course these are the places to post that These are not the places to post your assignments so graded kinds of items do not go here. This is not the place to post specific questions that are kind of personal, like, about a grade or something along that line. So that's kind of a thing to keep in mind. The other thing with the discussion list, if you come straight to communications discussions is that you will have to scroll down to get to other discussions, so I do move the forums to kind of fit with what's going on at that present time, but if you don't come directly from materials content then you will have to find the discussion you're looking for. Before we look at the discussion you do have some other options things like you can subscribe to specific discussions to get notifications when people post. You can change some of your settings to go from a reading view to a gridview, which will change the look is of the threads that are posted. Some people prefer the reading view, others prefer the gridview you can certainly try those. You can change some of your other settings along with that. So, those are things to note So when you are in a discussion the way that this works is you would go into a discussion and you would read the questions and you would start a thread. So it's always, again, in D2L these big blue buttons are kind of the important buttons. So you can click to start a thread [TYPING NOISE] and you would then type your discussions. So you could give it a subject name like any other kind of discussion post or email, similarly. Right? And then you would compose your answer so you would write whatever it is you want to do here. [TYPING SOUND] So you do that. Write all your things and then when you're done you would hit the blue post. You can add attachments, so should you want to add a file you could do your discussion answer outside of D2L write them in Word so then you could either copy and paste into here or you could upload the attachment here. So there are ways to add files. But when you're done you always want to make sure to hit this blue post. Again, that's kind of the big important button. Once you've posted you will see your post and any other posts from other students that are in here, so one of the things with most of my discussion forums that you'll notice is you will see something like must post first. This is kind of a really important thing that tells students that you must start a thread before you can see other threads. So, there are posts in here but because I haven't posted I can't see those and that would go for any of these kinds of discussions that would be the case. But when you're in a thread, and you want to reply to a post you would go to the one that you want to reply to click the blue link and then you would hit reply to thread and again it's going to pull up kind of a very similar thing. It's going to pull up a little box with your reply, you then can write [TYPING SOUNDS] So then you can reply to that other student and again you'll hit the blue click post when you are done. So the thing for my courses is that there is always a reply that is due with any assigned discussion topic. Please check the syllabus and the assignment details for if there's anything outside of one reply. Replies should always be substantial. So not just "good job" but what did you like about their work. There is a discussion rubric that you can find. When you're working on a discussion you'll see there's a discussion rubric that will pull up how the grading criteria is. So those are all important to note. Also in a course that has group work, has teamwork there will be discussion areas for that group work. So you will see the teamwork and you will only see your group that you're assigned to. Of course I'm assigned to all groups so it's a little bit odd, but if you're in group one you will only see group one and be able to click into group one . You won't see group two or three or any others. And so on. You can minimize discussions if you like the cleaner look. You can click this and it will close it and tell you if there are any unread topics or unread post or how many things are within that. So some people like that view. I try to keep it as organized and clean as possible so I do move things around. So that they're there and available for students, but you know. Of course it can be hard to come into discussions from this sort of big catch-all, so you might want to just use the materials content way of getting to discussions as your regular way to tackle, regularly assign discussions. That is the discussion tool. Please look at the other tutorials to learn the other tools we use.

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