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Ibyiringiro / Hopes

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HOPES I am called Jean Damascène. I am from this district, which is located in Eastern Rwanda. We have been working with the office of Plan in Rwanda, and the office of Plan does different kinds of research. And so, one of the areas they decided that it would be good to do some programs with in the area of Gatzeebo. During the first three days of the workshop, I have acquired a lot of skills in different areas. I have gained a lot; I’ve met people, I’ve learnt drawing and painting. The youth is divided in different groups in such a way that each one will gain skills in the respective group he/ she belongs to. I think during this training, the focus is mostly on Arts and Media because that is the Project. But I think also Plan is... is interested in knowing what the other... ... other challenges that young people in Gatzeebo are facing are. We are going to spend thirty minutes seeing drawing techniques, and then we shall do some drawing exercises. Are there any questions? I’ve learnt drawing and I’ve realized how useful painting is for me. I now know how to draw using lines or paint. If I participate actively in this workshop, it will help me get job opportunities since in my village there are opportunities to get jobs in screen printing and house painting for example. I know more about theatre than cinema. But if you wish, I can share with the little I know about cinema. I will gain various skills from this workshop and I stand ready to go back in my village and share those skills with the other youth. After this workshop I intend to share what I will have gained with my friends who didn’t get the chance to attend the workshop. Are you all happy? Clap your hands, if you are happy! Clap your hands, if you are happy! Oh! Bravo! Bravo! END

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Duration: 3 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: Rwanda
Producer: Rwandan Youth, Plan
Director: Rwandan Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Nov 17, 2008

Learn about the programs and opportunities Plan offers to youths in Rwanda.


Découvrez les programmes et opportunités que Plan offre aux jeunes du Rwanda.

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