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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 19:30:00 - 19:59:59

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Yes... pork feet... You want me to come to the Bonghee pork feet restaurant? Okay, I understand. I'll head to the Bonghee pork feet Restaurant. Hello - hello. Is it okay to eat outside? Is that allowed? Oh it doesn't matter to me - It could just be hot to eat inside. Right, exactly... Let's eat outside. Wow... There's a lot to pack! Oh wow. Do you have any tissue or wipes? I want just want to clean this off. Ah, pass it over. Why aren't there lids? Oh, it's for us to set down at the table? ... This is for us? Didn't you want to eat here? Ah yes, I was planning to eat here, but... What? We really can eat here? Don't you have to park here? Right... This isn't allowed. Yeah this is kind of... Odd... This parking space... Just eat here. Are you sure? Yes, hello? Yes, go ahead. Boss, go ahead. I think it's better for you to be in this bigger space. Excuse me? Being in this bigger space is the way to go. Wait - Aren't these supposed be packed? This one? Yes, this one. We do need to pack these. Ah, okay. Ah, you're packing the onions, too? Aren't onions expensive? Let's eat... Let's eat now. Come on, let's eat. It doesn't matter if you're seen. Come on, let's eat. Do they need to film us eating? Don't they eat? Tell me about it. You know, he just went to go wash off... Wash off? He went to the sauna. I told them to go ahead. They need this footage of us eating, anyway. Let's wash our hands first. Move. Is it far? I mean, it's right over here. He's here. What? Behind you. Wash my hands first... Where can I wash hands? Where's the restroom? You don't have one? Can I wash my hands? Ah, over there. Ah, I can wash my hands over here? Thank you. Oh oh oh. We only need one. What? We only need one. Should we eat inside? Can't we just eat? I'm hungry. They need to cut the pork feet It's ready already. Then go ahead and bring it here. Rice? I'm so tired... Are we getting noodles too? Excuse me, where's our food? Oh this? Yes, this. Ah okay. Thank you. Yes. I'll bring back the leftovers. I think we'll eat all of this. I'm so hungry I might die. You know, I need to pick him up now... Where? The sauna down there. Just go and come back. Ah. I should have eaten before work... Come on, let's eat... I just need to wait a little bit. Why? Huh? They're getting ready right now... Water - Bring water over... I'm setting something up - Just wait. Get the phone number. Riding well? Good? No? Do you know why? -I know why. - I think I know too... -Let me tell you. Do you feel the weight? No, it's not about that. I want to ride alone... alone. No, here's too much pressure. When it crashed in the middle, then it's like this. Nope. Only half done. -We started at 3...6... -No, no. What time is it? It's 8 already. Time is running out... I've been thinking about it... I'm the one filmed not the signal. Right. If we stand at the front then signal will not be on the camera. Then it's hard to tell that violion or not... And we need to cut in lines, if we just stay in line... then it will take forever. At night...slow down little bit... Yes, night time is OK. But still until around 10 PM... You'd bette be careful... Yes...then... Ready to eat? Port feet is ready. Where? How about the noodles? Need to bring cabbages... Sir, did you have dinner? Ha ha ha... what are you looking at. Let's eat and then... We need one more -Ha... -Aren't you hungry? Noodles? Eat this first and then eat noodles. Well...if you want noodles then order at the shop over there. If you want ... Then you would... huh? When I move then every staff here need to follow me... That's why I'm hesitating... So you still want the noodle? -Arrg... -Don't trouble yourself. You guys want some soups too. We'll just get some rice and eat with pork feet. Then Seungwhan is going to cry... Ha ha. He is our hero...deserves it. Whenever I move, it's too much trouble... I'll do it for you. I'm going to eat it. Worst case, we might have to move during dinner... I need to go to pick up Jae-young. Ah, where is he? -Sauna - Huh? -Sauna -Sauna? What for? -Sauna, because he's sweating and all -Ah OK. - Yes. -So went to pick him up? - Yes. Then let's start first. Ah...looks must be hungry... Yes, it is. Yes, do you want some, granny? Let's eat. Ah...I'm going to a lot. -What about me? -How about noodle? - They will bring it here. I'll get some drinks. Coke. Will be cool... -Huh? - OK. Sir, do you work here? They are filming me, we will just swing by the shop quickly. Yes. I'm ready to check out. Is it strange? It's strange for me too. 2700 won please. -Sorry to bother you smoking. - It's OK. -Wow, it's all gone while I was away? -Yeah. Wow, you guys are so bad. I don't see anything. I don't know what happened. You've tried to stop me from eating the noodles Now there's nothing for me. Ha ha ha, help yourself. I'm I can't even talk. I'm full. Take this...thanks. Ah my throat... should have taken this. Ah... Aren't the pork feet good? I like these. -Well, there's a saying - What - What was it? -When you're hungry... everything... -Ah, right. -Hunger is the best pickle. -Hunger is the best pickle, right. -It's so good. - Right. -That's right. - It would've been even better if this were chewy... Sounds like you are not hungry enough. Talk to the chef, it's good. You are not hungry enough. Since you are still complaining, ha ha. This should be little more dry. It's only been an hour or two. So it's just cooled down and not chewy enough. It will be the best a little later. This is all breaks apart too easily. It would be problematic if it's doesn't. Well this... it smells. This should be less smelly... I saved this for you... Thanks. This looked like it was a lot at first because of the heavy packaging, but when you start eating, there's not that much left... That's right. That's why this is not enough for us three. We need more food. Portions for pork feet are kind of.. exaggerated... -This is perfect for two people. - Right. -2/3 of it is bone. - Yes. 2/3 is just bone. -We need noodles now. -WIll be here soon. -Huh? -They said they'll bring it here. It takes time to cook. I just want some rice. Are you going to eat rice without any side dish? Well, take this as side dish. We'd finish all of this by the time the rice comes. Yeah that's true. -It's delicious. - Too bad. If it's just us then it's good enough. Hey, Jae-young had a good idea today. We went to bath house together. Golden sauna? Well, we went by motorcycle. I went there by taxi and he said he will give me a ride. In return, I said sauna is on me. -That's how we went there - Yes. Then... he suggested we hire some 1-day workers and go on a team building workshop When two of our guys are off. Then let's organize our schedule, And gather 4 more people. Then we can go all together. -Right, - Do you get it? Then let's get together and have some fun, we talked about it. Sounds good. -Why -So we're gonna run this place with only 1-day workers? Yeah Only for 1 day. Wouldn't it be too dark? It's fine. Whoa. Ah thanks. Ahhhh here here... again... Ah - Thank you for the food! - Thank you thank you thank you - Thank you so much - Thank you - Eat slowly. - Yeah. - We don't have anything to do after we eat anyway. - Yeah - Hahah - Eat slowly. If we have time, let's let the others eat. Can you get me a glass of coke? - Wouldn't it be too dark? - No. - It's perfect. - Hey but -- They said don't talk about that while we eat... About filming... Ah I'm hungry... - Why? You don't like it? - No, I like it. - Have a good meal everyone - Yeah yeah This is so crunchy. - Bring this when you go. - Yeah. I can chew it. - Director - Yeah? You need to eat too... should I bring you food? Hey if people watch this they're going to thing we eat and live like this. - Right? - Yeah. They're going to be like that's strange why do they eat meat like this without rice? Yeah but Galbi (Korean ribs) goes so well with these noodles. And they're going to be like... wow people from this country eat so much. Right? They're going to be like I can't believe they're eating everything in this bowl. Ah! It's so good. Really crunchy. So what do you think about the workshop? It's good I think. It's good but... We need to think about the financial situation... - And other situations. - You don't need to worry about that. Those are just additional things and I was just asking about how you felt about it. It's not bad. Of course I like it. Then maybe I'll split the savings and... Where would we go? Somewhere with water? Waterpark. Call? Did we just get a call? We just got a call. Was it a reservation call or what? I didn't get one thought. You'll get it soon. - From where we just came from. - Yeah. Now we have to go somewhere else. Call the call center. Hi yeah we're... eating right now. Tell them we can't move. Is it Hochul? Yeah it's him... Please Hochul a lesson. Yes. What if they don't call you anymore and only call me? And if you see Hochul later tell him to wash his neck and get ready for me. - Hochul did that work a few times and... - Yeah. Now it's coming to me. He doesn't have... doesn't have common sense. No... All the assistant managers... Achoo They know our situation So they just put him here and now People like Jinsoo are waiting to be placed based on the call situation. And right after Hochul comes to work it's "oh Assistant Manager Suh is just hanging out" - I think it's going to come to me now. - That's right. - If he does... I'll just go now. I... Yesterday at like 5:30... The call I got at 5:30... Wait was it the day before yesterday, not yesterday? When the calls weren't stacking up... It was the day before yesterday... When I wasn't there. - When you were there. - Then it should be yesterday. Yesterday? When you slept and woke up at dawn? I got a call asking if I could go work. I asked what the others were doing and everything already had a call to do. Oh they should've just made the others do it. I don't think that guy knows what working hours are... Yesterday, Wonsang... Had a call near the express bus terminal... He had it and... At 11... So he started from Daejeon on the 9:10 bus. So he would arrive at around 11. But Hochul kept saying 1. That he would come at 1. Oh thank you. Oh thank you. Do we need to bring the tray over there? - Over there. - Yeah go ask. Oh what a struggle. Anyway he kept saying that. And since Wonsuk needed to go to Yongin, I just took two calls. I went around with two calls and and who was the other one? Ah Jaeyong... Jaeyong too Jaeyong had 1 call but he had to go to the Chungdam Burger King 2 times. And kept getting Chungdam calls. But He kept asking me to... If there were any calls pushed back... - Yeah - To keep getting ready to go. And to wait for them and ugh. He just made me do them without asking. If it were during working hours, it would've been ok. - But no - But he made me do them at 5:50 AM... Damn... I got a call at around 4:50 AM... I got a call at 4:50 AM and it was at Jamshil. So... I got a phone call right away. He asked 'Did you check the call?' And I said 'Yes I did.' And he said 'You can do this and then go home.' Hahaha - He made go 40...40 - No we need it 30 minutes in advance. - I asked him to not give me calls - 30 minutes is a bit much. - No the close ones... - 30 minutes is a bit much. The reason I told him 30 minutes in advance is because

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Posted by: globallives on Mar 11, 2014

Seunghwan transports a delivery to the client's requested location. He then drives to a Jokbal restaurant to meet his co-workers for dinner. He buys soda from a convenience store and chats with his co-workers while they eat dinner together.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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