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Why PreSonus StudioLive Works Great for New Churches

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[Electric guitar music playing ♪♫♪♫.....] My name's Matthew Armstrong. I'm the administrative pastor of a new church here in town called Antioch Community Church. We started back in early September with about 25 people in our lead pastor's living room. Since then it's grown to around 200 people. We currently use the <a href="">StudioLive 24.4.2 board</a>. It's been a life-saver for us because I had no sort of sound equipment knowledge at all before we started using it. We got our board with about a week before our first service. Once again, me not having any type of audio engineering knowledge or experience whatsoever. And just by a few YouTube videos, I would say, just a couple of hours of learning and playing around with the board, I felt extremely comfortable with most of its features.

One of my favorite parts about this board is that I get to use my iPad throughout the whole experience. Now using VSL and SL remote I'm able to move around in the room to make sure that everything sounds good from multiple different points. I love that I can click and drag and recall scenes that I've worked to try to perfect as much as possible. At every service we use Capture to record, the sermon, worship practice...then I pull it up into Studio One to edit it and try to make it sound as best as possible and then put it up on our podcasts. We're having a ton of fun being a new church. [♪♫♪♫...............Music playing]

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Year: 2014
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jan 27, 2014

Listen and watch as Matthew Armstrong, administrative pastor of the new Antioch Community Church, shares his experiences with using a PreSonus StudioLive 24 channel mixer. You'll see how easy it is to learn and use and why it's the perfect choice for a small church just starting out.

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