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Secret Societies - Adolf Hitler 9

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 9 - I Found Secret Societies Hi, this is Adolf again. OK. I was where I joined groups. The first one I joined, they mostly existed underground... in... ...underground establishments - small places, not big - they were little... like little... - you take a normal apartment and how it would look like if you have like a... kitchen and a lounge and a bedroom - reasonably small. But now the people that would gather there, you know, had connections with the government, the military, the..., you know, justice system,... banking system - so get together. And what I realized with the groups specifically - and all were the same, all with high connections - was that it was an internal war that was going on. It was all about war, all about... "fighting". You know, you have your outer wars, which is done by two countries, and you have your soldiers, and you have your... etc., where two presidents stand and they send people to fight the world for them - which is one thing that doesn't even make sense to me. It's strange. You know, you have two persons fighting a war against each other for what reason? You know. God if two countries have a war, who stands for the countries is the president so why don't the fucking two presidents just sort out their shit? If they kill each other, well then, that happens. And God knows, get another president or something like that. So, that was my view on war, and I was reasonably young. So, now, these groups that I belonged to - it was one... three over a period of three years - three, four... four and a half years, around there - for three to four years - three and a half years, yeah - for three and a half to four years - and... high connections to governments as I've said, to military establishments, to the bank system, the money system - so, that was great. There, I merely basically just learned the internal wars that also occur within this world. Well I will expound on that information, but more later. So, then my question got answered in terms of "what do I do?", "what am I able to do?" So... after becoming more involved in such groups and realizing, you know, the intricacies of the world and how it REALLY works - because, you know, I had an idea of how it works when I did investigations on my own, reading up about it - but, God, I could throw all those books away because here is what was actually going on, inside it all,... you know,... inside the beast, in the core center of the beast - that's where I basically stood - which was strange as well, because,... you know, I didn't fear Death, whatsoever. Death was not an issue for me which is mainly why it was such a bastard. I'd say... I've always, you know, I am even... During that time, a man who doesn't fear Death is one of the most dangerous people alive. But if that is your starting point in terms of this world, during that time because, God, you'll do anything, but of course you'll have to know how to do it and what to do if you really wanna become what I had done and how I stood as. So, I was in this world and I went "OK". It was now one evening, I was in my bed. I remember that candle next to it. I was alone, sitting in this little small room and... I said: "OK, I've got two choices." Yeah. "One is..." - no, there were three, not two choices - "One is, you know, I find a job somewhere, I make money, I live till I die." "What else can I do?" "Now who is gonna believe me if I actually tell them" "what I the hell I see, if I draw what I see, if I speak what I see?" "They'll probably put me in some form of institution." "It's not where I wanna go." "Second choice is to kill myself. But" "and if I kill myself, I'm going to end up with these demon places." "Not where I wanna go." "Third choice is I stand up, I now do something." "But how?" "I can't talk about it, I can't show people so how... am I able..." "to give direction or sort out or stand up in this world?" "How do I sort out this world?" So... I made myself a... statement. And perspective from "I will stand up in this world and make a statement" "of the Life Force Essence of who I am which I see in each being but which is suppressed." "There has to be a way that I am able to bring that out, in someway." "I don't know how, but there must be a way." "There must be a way people will... follow me, will hear me," "there, deep inside them." So, from that moment, that's where I decided to infiltrate - infiltrate the country, infiltrate the world and get to a point of power. That was my first aim. My first aim was to get to a point of power because, if I stand at a point of power, then I'm able to direct everything - the world. I wanted to just stand at an absolute point of power in this world. I wanted to exist... infinitely on this world. God, you know, it was ideas, it was hope I suppose, but I knew that there must be a way that I am able to assist these human beings with this Life Force Essence as who they are within them - bring it out. So, with these groups that I placed myself with over a three year period, the third one, which is my last one - the other previous two, I left - the last one was the most... stable one, with the most infiltrated connections within this world. And from there, my "rise to power" started. And, so, I got to where I wanted to stand, exactly where I wanted to place myself, which was great because, of course, the demons couldn't do anything with me. I learned how to manipulate people, how to... All the people, people - I didn't see people. People were fucking systems with demons inside them. I didn't show them the respect they deserved at all. The only reason I got to power was because of what I did and what I was willing to risk, and I knew what I had to do. I had to... give direction and sort out this world. The only way I'm gonna do that is if I stand at a point of power and infiltrate the group that governs the world. So... there I was standing. I formulated... What was my words? My words specifically was to say to the people that: "This is your world." "Fuck the systems! Fuck the demons!" But I said it in a different way. So, I'll continue in my next interview. Thanks. <i>translated by Christophe</i>

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Hi, this is Adolf again.
OK. I was where I joined groups.

The first one I joined, they mostly existed underground... in... underground establishments - small places, not big - they were little... like little... - you take a normal apartment and how it would look like if you have like a... kitchen and a lounge and a bedroom - reasonably small.

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