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Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife #1

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife #1 Hi, this is Adolf Hitler, or shall I rather say I was known by the name Adolf Hitler while I was here on earth for some years and I am certain I am profoundly well known on this earth and by many human beings. At the moment I am also known as Mykey and that is another story that is to be explained So, from Adolf Hitler on my earthlife to Mykey in my dimensional existence to who I am here now. And both names fascinating has no reference to who I am at this very moment as I am communicating with you. Yet, during my process and during the becoming and the realisation of myself the names have an importance. The names are valid == and both names have a fascinating story, have a fascinating experience behind them So, this will be quite a extensive few interviews that I will be doing as we only have a certain amount of time to be able to communicate on one interview and, so I'll continue and I'll start with my life here on earth. When I was young - I was a little boy and life seemed normal. Though difficult, I grew up in very difficult times, especially in the category - I place money into a category - specifically in the category of money, and though I was very content with myself as many young children are, as many young children are, nothing really bothers them, there exist no fears yet, there exist no anger, there exist no emotions, no feelings that preoccupy them. As I would refer to it == children don't have yet those concerns, that grown ups do. And I used to enjoy the simplicities of merely walking in nature, walking amongst the trees, the plants, feeling them brushing on my hands, on my feet as I walked barefoot. Walking on the paths in my town, feeling the stones on my feet, feeling the ground on my feet, feeling the sun on my skin... The awareness of all that surrounds you when you are a child, is magnificent. And it is interesting because it is as though that beauty that you experience, not only within yourself, but also within this world, disappears as you become older. It is replaced with the inner conflicts, it is replaced with concerns, it is replaced with worry. It is replaced with fear and it is replaced with anger. These are the most prominent expressions that are found in grown ups If I would refer to as that, and children would refer to children that are 6 years and younger. Because already at 7, or even 4 or 5.. children in this world are already growing up, becoming grown ups. Having to take care of their family, in some way or another. Children no linger have the freedom they used to have like I had, to be able to walk in the evenings, late at night, sometimes not even come home, sleep in the forest, or just outside the house - I did some strange things sometimes. Our dog used to never be allowed to get into the house so some evenings, when I was younger, was about 4 or 5 years old, I did go outside and sleep with him. And there was no... Houses were open. Next to each other, neighbours knew each other, the town people all talked, everybody knew everybody. And through time that seemed to have disappeared completely. and this world has become the imprisonment of itself and that's the last thing I intended for this world. Coming from me, Adolf Hitler: that was the last thing I intended. that's it what i was - Actually trying to..Intervene with. Because i know it would be an inevitability, that this world will become an imprisonment of itself, of it's own, and then human beings will become prisoners - in their own home.. will become prisoners in their own world. and..i am returning to when i was a child. and.. One day..something interesting occurred. i started seeing..but, i started seeing differently. As a child (excuse me) a child, there was always..something within me, hindering me Yea, like in my solar plexus that there's something wrong - in this world. Everything seems tranquil, everything seems peaceful..everything seems perfect: too perfect When i looked at this a child, walking along the paths, walking in the forests.. Experiencing the feeling of the..grass and the plants and the flowers on my hands the sun on my face..sometimes even when it rained, i enjoyed standing in..the rain, Having the rain drops fall..on my skin. experiencing that moment of the water.. dripping down on your face, as though caressing you... in a way I was thought that was know, kind of: saying hello. because in those rain drops.. it really felt as though something was just brushing my face.. an..and a warm sense of safety, a warm sense of peace and love - Resonated within me, as an experience within me as i sat in that rain.. and i'll just open my arms..and it's like, you are standing there: Absolutely vulnerable, absolutely opened - no fear..and in that moment of vast.. In that moment you just - it's're in god's presence. Yet, the more i continue to look at this world..or even that little town where i lived in, I looked at the houses..i looked at..the people..i looked at the animals, i looked at the trees.. I looked at the grass, i looked at the ground and.. the more..i became aware of my surroundings, the felt like: This... it seems to be too perfect. it seems to be too "in place". it seems to be - designed. Designed So, i am in..this..'a creator's world'. i don't believe in a god, but..that experience of the rain was experience of god. and i wondered: that experience of me, is it that..god essence - That has designed all of these..if yes, who am i in this? and what am i doing here? So, i'll continue with my second interview. Thanks. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Prof. Chris Barnard, Pat Tillman, Chris Hani

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Adolf Hitler from the Afterlife #1 talking about his childhood

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