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C9L8 System of Polarities

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One more thing I would like to talk about is this system of polarities. This idea that you are in a sphere of some sort and even though yes you relate to your partner on that. When you are learning this game you have to understand that you play in this infinite bubble and its a system of polarities because you are rising up for a forehand. The left hand comes down when you are going into a serve right all the weight comes around the corner with your right hip matches up beautifully with weight coming forward and up with your left hip and your left arm and its really a system of polarities what we have. There is always counter balancing going on. You like to talk about the counter space continuum there is always when you are drawing in one direction you have to reach in the other direction to balance things out. The ultimate polarity is really this understanding or experience of the ultimate inwardness, zero gravity and you need to say the consciousness resides there because it doesn't reside in space and this ultimate outwardness and we talk about levitating because you know the experience of gravity is really drawn to the center and we are very aware of it in the physical world. The idea of life the way of plant grows out towards the cosmos it actually goes to the sun tries to grow to the sun. It is being attracted towards the sun it is actually moving against gravity to get to the sun. We like to call this levity and we try to bring into the way we play. We feel its like a gyroscope when you get all the forces moving properly then the thing just moves in a nice flow around and keeps its balance doesn't wobble and that kind of feeling of a gyroscope is a feeling of that center and that big periphery around the outside and really the stroke is about the changes of that balance and how you change a little bit here and there. You are really working in this polarity and there is many polarities in the world and in strokes too many to go into today. That main polarity is really what we call the one that really brings you perspective it brings your individual nature into your center and it gives your whole body which moves around it a place to express itself. Talk about to continue on with that plant analogy remember the book The Plant between the Sun and the Earth one of our favorite books. It had those cross sections a plant as you could see it as a branch would go up into the left you could see this small root going down and to the right. The form below the earth was just as interesting and it was counter balancing the growth above the earth. Then you can see even in nature there is always this equality this counter balance in the etheric world. Meaning you can't see under the ground unless you get this cross perspective that some of the Steiner followers got. Without seeing that cross perspective you will only know half the story. You will only know the half above ground what you can see and as you know at this in tennis and all of life its not what you see, its what you get. Sometimes its only half of what you get , so its the etheric, its the negative space which we talked about. Most people just see the flurry of the hit but it really is everything that happens before that all this negative space pulling away from the hit that creates the beautiful hit. So that is this other idea of this system of polarity.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 27, 2014

This is the essence of the "feeling" of the strokes.

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