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North County Buick Cadillac GMC Dealership Tour

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Joseph Morales: Hello! My name is Joseph Morales. I'm an Internet Sales Manager at North County Cadillac, GMC and Buick, and I want to introduce you to our beautiful showroom and show you around our store. And, follow me, come on through. The first thing you will notice is our grand showroom here where –this is where all the magic happens. And, you'll notice that our beautiful receptionist here, is always here to greet you with a beautiful smile a wonderful ‘Hello‘. Hello! Morales: And, what you'll find here is a beautiful assortment of different leathers and interiors that are available on the Cadillac brand. Now, here you'll find a couple of the different options as far as the exterior colors to go along with that beautiful leather on the inside. Me, I'm personally a Dark Adriatic Blue kind of guy. A information. And, if you're not interested in a Cadillac, and maybe a GMC or Buick is your forte, then I got news for you. It continues on right over here into the beautiful Buick and GMC showroom. So, if you're specific on looking at a color or you want something that fits your personality, we also have the different colors, we have the different leather interiors that come along. And, every one of our Buick GMC is here, available for your browsing pleasure. And, you know what, speaking of browsing, I think that I'm in the mood for a coffee. How about you? All right. Come with me. Now, when you're here and you're waiting for your lovely salesperson to come and help you, or for a service - getting an oil change - we don't just have regular coffee. Regular coffee is a little too boring. What we do have is an assortment of different choices of coffee, not just regular coffee. We got espresso, lattes, vanilla drinks, pretty much whatever you'd like for your enjoyment while you're here staying with us and getting a little bit of service done or something else. We also have our own beautiful waters here for your enjoyment, and they usually have some cold for you as well if you're not a room temperature kind of person. Now that we got our coffee fix, let's go check out some service and parts. All right. Now that you've seen our parts department, let's go see what my service team is up to. Now, this is where you'll come in. You'll be greeted with a smile every time. And, this is where you can get your tire rotations written up, , this is where you'll get your oil changes, and you'll get your car ready for the road. All right, guys, I want to thank you for experiencing North County Buick, Cadillac, and GMC with me. Now, do me a favor. Go online, check out our digital showroom if you didn't have enough. But for now, unfortunately, it's time for me to go.

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