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The Rum Diary (2011)

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[groaning] [glases rattling] [belch] ♪ [tropical music] (Depp as Kemp) Puerto Rico. I came down here looking for a story. It's called journalism. Let's look at your resume here. Don't look so anxious, I wouldn't have paid for your hotel if I hadn't already hired you. (Kemp) But I found the strangest paradise down here. Hey, lady! I thought you said you had a TV? The guy across the alley has a TV. I have binoculars. (Kemp) It's where your secrets come to dance. Don't notice the wig. (Kemp) And the voodoo.. works magic. If the drinking doesn't get you into trouble... How does anybody drink 161 miniatures. Are they not complimentary? ♪ Hey mamasita ♪ ...the women definitely will. I thought maybe you were a mermaid. I'm from Connecticut. Stay away from her. She's Anderson's fiancee. (Anderson) She sunbathes in the nude. ♪ Shake it like two moroccas ♪ She's a sweet little beauty. I was looking at his boat. We've all been down on her. It's a wonderful experience. ♪ [conga drum solo] Now all this might sound like some crazed hallucination... But it's all true. I think. This place is a sea of money, Paul. And there's people like me, who know how to get it out. (Kemp) Isn't that kind of thing illegal? That's an inapropriate comment. We'll nail this bastard to his own front door. I got a story for you. I'm going after it. Are you out of your mind? I'll be you scream before I do. Aaaaa There's no such thing as 470 proof alcohol. What we do is private! The front seat's gone. I've got a brilliant idea. [siren] Try to look normal. [revving] [Captions by]

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