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Fulfilling your needs. Sadhguru

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See people are talking about they not only love people around them they love God, these days. Now, if you sincerely look at it all this is just plain survival. Please see you have needs to fulfill even if you love somebody, you have needs to fulfill, isn't it? Physical, emotional, psychological, financial, social so many needs to fulfill you have. To fulfill these needs, "I love you" is always a good mantra. You know. On a certain day, Shankaran Pillai went to the park. In the park on one of the stone benches a pretty woman was sitting He went and settled down on the same bench. After a few minutes, he moved closer to her. She moved little away. Few more minutes, again, he moved little closer. She moved little away. Now she's at the end of the bench. Now he again moved a little closer. Now the only option is, she has to either get up and leave or do something else So she pushed him away. Then Shankaran Pillai waited for a few minutes. Sun was just setting, you know. That evening twilight, you can say many things. He went down on his knees and told her "I love you. I love you like I have never loved anybody in my life." This twilight zone If it was in the middle of the afternoon, nobody would believe you but you know, when the sun is setting a woman is always a fool for love, she melted She melted, things happened between them. Then it's nearing eight O'clock. Shankaran Pillai got up in a hurry. "I need to go, I need to go" She said, "What you're going?" "You said you loved me" As far as she's concerned, the moment you utter the word "I love you" they have become one He says "No, no, I need to go, my wife is waiting, eight O'clock, I have to be there" So I love you is like that "Open Sesame," you know. You know the story? So to get what you want to get it's a good mantra. As long as you have needs within you, it doesn't arise, love doesn't arise, please see. Because wherever you go, you have to fulfill your needs. Needs are there So the whole effort of yoga, in yoga, we never talk about love. Not because there's no value to it Simply because if you try, it will not come If you transcend your needs, you will naturally become loving. If you have no needs of your own You are capable of enormous love, you know When you have needs of your own You will pretend to be loving but all that you're trying to do is to you know, fulfill your needs. People whom you claim to love please see, there's an arrangement it's a mutual benefit scheme. You'll give me this, I'll give you that. But if you don't give me this, I won't give you that. Isn't it so? Just try it and see, things that you're supposed be offering to people just withhold it for sometime and see what will happen to love affairs There are needs to fulfill. Now I'm not trying to make your life ugly paint your life ugly There are needs to fulfill and you're fulfilling it It's an arrangement, it's fine There's a beauty to that also. That people are willing to fulfill each other's needs. But don't call it a love affair and missed love affairs. Now if you label something as love then the true thing will never happen, isn't it? Say right now I have a good arrangement but someday I want to experience love also Isn't it? Keep it open, don't destroy it by calling this and that by names which are not true.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the I love you mantra and fulfilling needs. Sadhguru explains that if you transcend your needs you will naturally become loving. (AO91)

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