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Introduction to Back2Back Cancun

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Cancun, a Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula, borders the Caribbean Sea and is home to 600,000 people. Mexicans come from all over Mexico to Cancun, seeking opportunity for work and the dream of a brighter future for their families. While Cancun is known for white sand beaches and long stretches of ocean, difficult work environments and a lack of jobs for the expanding number of people in the area have led to a growing number of broken families and orphaned and vulnerable children. The region’s reputation for being a tourist destination lies in stark contrast to its high poverty rates. Back2Back launched its Cancun site in 2010. In getting to know the true local needs of Cancun, the ministry came face-to-face with family deterioration and realized keeping children at home and supporting their parents could help prevent them from being orphaned while reducing the risk of trafficking and gang involvement. As a result, Back2Back began to envision outreach programs through the work of local community centers. Responding to the need, Back2Back’s Strong Families Program began in Cancun with the goal of providing services, resources, and trustworthy relationships necessary to build a strong foundation and long-term sustainability. Spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs are met daily in Cancun for each child and family Back2Back serves. Healthy food feeds the body, tutoring feeds the mind, and loving caregivers and staff feed the heart and soul. Tres Reyes, a large rural, impoverished community outside of Cancun is home to the expansive Community Center of Tres Reyes. A smaller center serves families in the densely populated urban neighborhood of Bonfil. Both are staffed with professional staff and volunteers, offering counseling, tutoring and recreational resources not otherwise available. Libraries, creative workshops, and free play help children to develop with their peers and express their individuality. Medical and dental care and Bible classes help each child served come to understand they are seen and known, uniquely individual, and wholly loved by the staff caring for them and a God who is writing their story. As each boy and girl is pursued in Cancun to prepare them for their futures, Back2Back also invests in each family. Parents and grandparents caring for the children at home are offered classes to assist them in skills like finance, cooking, and sewing. Back2Back recognizes the success of each child can only be improved by the investment in, and success of, the adults caring for them. As every child grows in an environment in which they are cared for and afforded opportunity, they each begin to understand that, while trauma may be a part of their history, it is not what defines them. Back2Back, through collaboration with other like-minded partners and Mexican nationals caring for their own, along with mission guests and faithful sponsors, is committed to providing deep, holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Cancun. Offering care for today and hope for tomorrow, we never lose sight of the vision that each child will become dependent on Jesus – a devoted follower of Christ, interdependent in their community – a good citizen and neighbor, and an independent adult – able to care for themselves and their family. Back2Back will be faithful to the children and families of Cancun as they build the future of their beautiful and vibrant country.

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