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Aviom Personal Mixer A16 II - Guided Tour

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♪♫♪♫ [Music playing in background during the slideshow] Take it Personal. Guided Tour. Let's explain some of the features and functions of the A-16II Personal Mixer. (make sure the sound is on) Be seen. Be heard. Select a Channel. To adjust your mix, first select a channel with one of the 16 Channel Select buttons. Notice how the Volume and Pan indiciation update as you switch channels. Adjust the Volume Use the Volume knob to adjust the level for the current channel - (lead guitar) Now we'll select the drums (a linked stereo pair) and adjust their volume. Adjust the Pan Use the Pan Know to pan the current channel left to right. On stereo (linked) channels, the Pan knob adjusts the stereo spread. Global Volume & Tone These knobs adjust the colume and EQ for the whole mix. The Master Know controls the overall volume. The Bass know adjusts the bass level. Use the Treble knob to boost or cut the high end. Build a Mix Now let's build a mix from scratch. First, reset all channels by pressing Recall, then Mute. This sets all the volumes to zero and pans all channels to center. Next we'll mix the drums. Turn the volume up... then widen the stereo spread. Now select the Bass. and turn the volume up. Select Rhythm Guitar 1. Turn up the volume. ...and pan it to the left. Select Rhythm Guitar 2. Turn up the volume. ...and pan it to the right. Now we'll select the Lead Guitar. Adjust the volume... ...and pan it slightly to the right. Finally, select the keyboards. Turn up the volume... ...and widen the stereo spread. Done! Now you're ready to save your mix. Save a Mix Preset To save a mix as a preset Hold down Recall and Group... ...and then press one of the 16 Channel Select buttons. Each Channel Select button can store a deparate nix Preset. Recalling Mis Presets You can instantly recall up to 16 saved mixes. Press the Recall button... ...then press Channel Select button 3 to recall the Preset. To hear what the rhythm guitarist's mix might sound like, recall Preset 4. Or the organist's mix in Preset 6. You can save a mix for each song or for each player who shares a location. Pro 16™ Personal Monitor Mixing 800-562-6006 Save more on pro audio-video gear. CCI Solutions. Be seen. Be Heard.

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Nov 1, 2012

In this overview of the Aviom A16II you'll view a guide to all the controls. You'll learn how and where to begin building a mix by selecting instruments. How to set volume levels and how to save and mix a preset. You'll also see how to recall your mix presets.

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