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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~13:45:48 - 14:00:48

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Now there is. Now I will make her two ponytails into braids, yes? Have you started, Vasya? We will do braids, yes? Yes? Yes? Are the poles in place? Look how long my hair is. There is a line-up here. ― Elya... ― With older... ― Who has long hair? ― I am the oldest! By height you mean? Girls should not be at all... Can, will learn how to, what! Elya, Elya, who has longer hair, you or me? You, of course! ― Me? ― Yes, of course. Here, you see, I have nothing. And I have up to here. Elya, look. We were also told about this blue certificate. But it's not for bringing tomorrow, is it? Tomorrow is OK too. But maybe not tomorrow. But tomorrow we need to collect the money. What for? For teachers' day. For teachers' day. 200? ― What's that for? ― They're for cards for each teacher. Go? Super kick! Oh! By the way, I got an A today. You are winning me over, not only Roma. And also Ilyas. Only not big one. There they Sonky for four thousand. Like this 52-50 or something like that. Dash, there's your house also standing quietly. Quietly sitting. ― There's your house. ― There's a cat there. There is no cat, Zhan. There's my cat. ― Huh? ― Have you peed? My cat entered like this. My name is Bobby Chang. Who is this girl? Come on, come on, quickly finish up. I'm going to take everything away now. Quickly, quickly. Hurry up. I am done! Anyways, we need to make a hat. Who wants? ― You want? ― Put it there. ― Later you will drink it yourself. ― You want? We divided, yes, and they said to us, well you will divide it yourself in school, and that... Argh! Thirty-Fourty! Next point. With which, which are you playing? Your girl plays well! ― Kairat. ― Here. ― I am already done. Set for two. Set for two. I want to be your girl. OK here. I will choose another one for myself now. Is there yours? Oi! You took the main remote. You're cool. No! Yes, yes. Put first. Press here, Zhan. Or here, yes here. Stop! I will. No, but I first must. Ilyas, don't choose my four-eyed. Which four-eyed? Oi, I am Elina's girl. Do you want a different one? No. Ah, yes! Eh, there is none. Yes, Ilyas, this is correct! Now correct. Yours is pretty. I will choose myself. And whose is this person? ― It is Lenina's. ― Yes, Lenina's! So funny. ― Here choose this. ― Yes. Here is the strongest playing. The strongest? Yes! Andreina's nobody will choose! The longest set, yes. Ilyas, let's change. Oh, good for you! So cool you are. I'm sleeping! Ilyas, you shouldn't have changed. Hurray! How much, how much, Ilyas? Hurray! It's my serve. My serve. Zhanna, come, I will put on a different top for you. Hold on. ― Come. ― Bath? ― No, I will put it on now. Come now, Ilyas will play for a while. Yes, give me and I! I will one time. Oh, oh, oh, oh. What's that? On my pocket! OK, OK, OK. Come on, come on. I have already, I have seen what you are doing there. There, done! OK, where to? Here. Ah! It is here, yes? Hold on, we will make you everything. It is coming from there, right? Where is it on you? Why does Zhanna need it? Because! Why? She is cool? Yes. It is this, no Ilyas, they will walk after her like this, so they can hear. Roma, Rom. Done. Give me the remote. Ilyas, give me. Put these on, understand? Yes, I will later. Here and played after. You, Zhanna, step away. Change places. Like this is going well. Eh, fourty-fifteen. I have fourty? How many do I have? You have fifteen. Hurray, I won! Ilyas, congratulations. ― It is my turn now. ― You want to eat? ― What? ― Finish it? I have a toothache. Brrrr! Ouch! Wow Zhanna - you're sneaky! Throw, Ilyas. Thank you, that gave me the serve. Quite the opposite, he even saved you. Right, Ilyas? Set point. What do you think, I'll win, yes? Holy smokes. Holy smokes. ― So, Zhanna. ― What? ― Playing last set. ― Yep. ― OK? ― Ilyas, you have darts at home? ― What? Will you play at home? Oh, yes. She so hit me. ― Zhan, Zhan, your house quietly sits. ― Cat? Well yes. Which? I don't know. If, if, if it ran away. No score! Who wants? ― Me! ― I said, I will myself. I am the girl! No score! Zhanna, let's go. Go play there. Ilyas, go play with her, play Lego. Let's go, Roma, play with them. Argh! What? Roma with them? ― Zhanna, Ilyas, let's go. ― OK. ― Roma also will play? ― Yes. Look. Come, I will carry you over. I am big. Of course. Everybody is letting you in. You let in. I am big, I am big. Here play these. Here, these. Where, here they are, here. Darts. Who was hanging there? Oh it is, ouch, what do you say? Lego? No, it is not there or what? Just throw and that is it? E. Darts. Zhanna? What? There you... Hurry up. Ouch. Here. And there the house is standing. Here, Ilyas, here play this. Argh, what? ― Darts? ― Here, here. After play Lego, OK, Ilyas? Ilyas? ― OK? ― Yes, yes, yes, yes, Elin! Something for variety. Zhanna, dolls? She was running and then a puppy took it and this broke here. Here, I told him not to touch but he took it and broke my little... Don't worry, he didn't break. I'll go beat him up. So he is smart. ― Should I beat him up? ― No. ― You told him not to touch? ― Yes. And he touched or what? Well yes. How do you do this? Do. Here. Why you? Oi! Oi! Oi! That's it, dead? Dead. There that's it. There that's it alive. There that's it alive. Good. You will be getting in there? Here. If you want to get in, here remove this then. Here this is a pillow for me. Mmm, me! If you want to sit here. There, sit here. And I will lie here. If it gets dirty, you are guilty. Huh? If it gets dirty, you are guilty? And I will lie here. If there was a second one like this, it also would be. Oh! I've come up with something! Come up! No, not here! Not like this! And where? Move your feet. Move your feet. But they are here. Move your feet. But my feet were here. I will put it here! Because I wanted it here. But it is, it is for cat! Which? This? For this? No. And for who?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 4, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 13:45-14:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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