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IMD Investment Process

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This platform is called IMD - Internet Mechanism Development The total Token Supply is 100 Million tokens 10 Million tokens will be owned by Company Another 90 Million tokens in POS & POC System The 10 Million will come from here Another 90 Million will come from POS & POC, which is not out yet Up to today, company opens up for I1, I3 and M3, sorry i meant M1 M3, D1 and D3 level is not opened yet So the percentage will be received on daily basis For example, one of it Let's say we take the 3000 package 3000 IMD tokens It will be freezed in the investment dashboard So on day 1, from the 3000 tokens, can take out or unlock 1% Which equals to 30 IMD, day 1 And the balance will be 2970, 3000 less 30 2970 IMD which is equivalent profit of 0.2% Based on as shown here, 0.2% So total amount we receive is 5.94 IMD tokens And the 5.94 IMD tokens, will add to 30 and the total will be 35.94 IMD tokens The 35.94 IMD can be withdrawn You can sell So Day 2 We start to calculate based on 2970 Balance 2970, IMD tokens It will unlock another 1% Okay, unlock So our capital regained is 29.70 IMD tokens Okay So 2970, less 29.70 The balance will be 2940.30 Which will multiply with daily profit 0.2% So you will get total of 5.83 IMD tokens So total for both is 50, sorry 35.84, i meant 35.81 IMD tokens So you could withdraw this amount Okay So it will decrease until this amount becomes zero This 3000 will decrease everyday. unlock 1%, until it becomes zero Okay, so this is for the First Scenario For Second Scenario This right here it shows people always withdraw Second Scenario, which is, investor could reinvest This one, invest, withdraw, The second one, investor reinvest Example: from 2970, investor receive 35.94 so He reinvest, which goes to Amount of 30 IMD tokens Okay 35, invest 30 The capital will be back to 3000 So the balance of 5.94 can be withdrawn to wallet Which can be withdrawn So if we look here, this package is not opened yet Once it is opened, and investment reaches 3001 Investor keeps on reinvesting Automatically, daily percentage will increase 0.25% Okay If investor withdraws, keeps on withdrawing every day Until his capital becomes 1000, okay Automatically, his percentage will Decrease to 0.15% So, the IMD tokens that was transferred Can be liquidated, or transferred out First, in the dashboard, there is IMD investment It is in the website, dashboard Number two, it has a wallet Number three, it has an exchange Number four, it has e-token So, from the wallet, what investor can do From this wallet, token can be sent to exchange To sell Okay, Number two, can reinvest Okay Number three Can register, new member So this is the plan for purely investor For purely investor, it will have POS

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