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Radial JDI J48 AV2, Pro D2 & Pro DI Direct Boxes - Review

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♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing] Radial direct boxes are some of the most incredible direct boxes made in the world. These things are solid. They're built like a truck, And, in fact, rumor has it that a touring band had a flat tire on their semi-truck and used this to jack up the tire so that they could replace the outer one and this supported the entire trailer! If you held one of these you'd believe the rumor. But let's take a look at what's inside. What makes a Radial direct box so incredible is that the electronics are the best quality. They take a hot signal. They don't distort. They use the best transformers. They use the best active devices. So let's see inside

We'll pull the cover off, and man look at what I've found. I found a Jensen transformer. You can't find a better transformer than a Jensen. They pay a lot of money for a Jensen, and they put it inside this box. So you've got a great, high-quality metal box, a Jensen quality transformer, high quality switches. This will last for years. It won't distort. Give you a solid signal, great dynamic range. Now, some guys just don't like to use a transformer in a direct box. They believe a transformer can saturate. They believe that it just isn't gonna give 'em the entire dynamie range in transient response that they want. So they'll use an active direct box.

Well that's where the J48 comes in. Again, same build quality, but active electronics. You can see, no big transformer in there. But look at the component count in that thing! You can see the number of discreet components, the ICs everything is super high quality. You also have the "check" light here. Make sure you've got 48 volt phantom power. Because, a passive direct box you're using a transformer, you don't need phantom power. But active direct box, it uses the phantom power to power the electronics in the box. And of course you have the 15 dB pad, You have the polarity reversal, low, cut & ground. A lot of the direct boxes have that. That's not the "story" here.

The "story" is the quality of the build, but more than that, the quality of the sound. The Pro D2, 2 high quality transformers, again, great switch gear. Another one I want to show you is, of course, the Pro DI. And, let's see, the AV2. We've got it right back here. The AV2 is a fabulous device. Because you can take two channels from just about any laptop any type of a line-level electronic device, and convert it to 2 channels of balanced microphone output. Makes a really handy box. It'll, again, handle the high line-level signals. So when you're looking for the best quality direct box, yeah, you're going to pay a little bit more, but it's worth it. These are the direct boxes I use and I strongly recommend 'em. Radial direct boxes, from CCI. ♪♫♪♫......[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 5, 2012

Radial Direct Boxes are some of the most amazing Direct Boxes in the world. Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions shows you why a Radial Direct box is so amazing. Inside their passive direct box you'll find a Jensen transformer, protected by a high-quality, durable metal box. The J48 is an Active Direct Box and doesn't use a transformer.but has the same build quality. This uses phantom powere to power the electronics in the box. The big story here is the quality of the build and even more, the quality of the sound.

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