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Fermons les abattoirs!

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We slaughter 56 billion animals every year, we kill so many marine animals, they have to be measured in tons, the scientists predict we kill them in the region of 2.7 trillion tons of marine animals, which includes hundreds of thousands of dolphins and whales pods, animals that we claim to love in this country are killed as result of bycatch. And it's not just the fact that we kill those animals it's the fact that we raise billions of them in things called factory farms where they have no space to move, stuffed in metal concrete cages, taken from their mothers, mutilated, tortured, maimed and treated as nothing but objects, as properties from which the farmers and these industries can profit from. These animals think and feel just like we do, we reduce them to nothing. If we took all the pigs out of the farrowing crates and replaced them with dogs, there'd be an uproar. If we took the dairy cows out of the rape racks on the farms, where they're forcefully impregnated and swapped them with cats, there'd be outrage and uproar and yet, for some reason, we made the distinction, we've drawn the line, we use some animals as pets, some animals as food and for no legitimate reason, it's a perverse notion, it's just culture, tradition, handed to us. If we look across the world, we see examples where dogs are eaten and we turn our noses up to these countries view them with disdain and disgust and yet, we commit the same atrocities done to dogs in other countries but we do it to pigs, cows, chicken and fish in this country. There is no reason why we should draw a line and make a distinction between animals, after all, they all feel and think just like us, they have the ability to love and be loved, show companionship, show friendship and be a part of our family, be a part of our community, and yet, for some reason, we deny these attributes, these qualities to animals, i remember when i first recognised that farm animals had the emotions that i attribute to dogs and cats and even to myself, i came across a story of a truckload of chickens crashed on the motorway and i felt so sorry for those chickens cause the journalist was saying they were being hit by cars and i felt how scared they must be but then, i realized the only reason they were going to the slaughterhouse, the only reason they were in those trucks, because i paid for them to be there. It's hypocritical of me to see these animals and feel sorry for them when they were only in that predicament because of me. And as such, i attribute emotions like fear, horror and the want to live unto to these animals, i know it's a powerful realization to me, that's when i first acknowledged all animals are sentient, although animals deserve their chance to live, they should have the right to live. Not only do we raise animals in horrible conditions, by doing so, we're destroying our environnement.

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Posted by: chrissie00 on Aug 9, 2017

Extrait du discours de Earthling Ed durant la marche contre les abattoirs de Londres, 2017.

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