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Dude Finds Out Girl He Met On Myspace & Got Dome From Is A Man On Jerry Springer!

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-Let's bring him out here. Here is Nard. (cheers and applause) (scattered booing) Welcome to the show. -How you doin', Jerry? -Fine, thanks. Now, how long... when did you two meet? Oh, you met on MySpace. -Yeah, we met on MySpace about a month and a half ago. -And how's the relationship going? -It's good, you know, I'm feeling her, you know, that's my baby. You know, we've been kicking her and feeling her. -You've been feeling her and kicking her? -Yeah. (laughter) -Seems like a nice guy. What do you want to tell me? -(sighs) Alright, Nard, alright. So, first off, you know how I feel about you. -Yeah. -Alright. -Well, the first thing that I have to tell you is that I'm engaged. And I'm... -You're engaged? want to be with... -No, I don't wanna with my fian... That's what I brought you here for to tell you...and wanna tell you that... -You brought me all the way here to tell... -I want to leave him--let me talk-- I want to leave him to be with you. -You want to be with me? -Yes. -But you engaged. -But what does that matter? The ring comes off. You see? -So it's that easy? -Yeah, 'cause I'm not in love with him. I'm not in love with him and I'm falling for you and I want us to be together. -Alright. (audience awws) -(Jerry) That sounds awfully nice. -(giggles) -Well, that's it. Thanks, folks for coming. Oh, there's more? -Yes, umm... All right. -What I say? -All right. -What I say? -Well... basically, umm... I was not born a female. (audience reacts loudly) -Bitch! What do you mean you weren't born no female? Hold on, man! -Let me explain something to you. -Explain what? -If you like me you way you say... -Man, you a boy...(bleep) you a boy...(bleep) -I'll fight you like a boy. -You gonna fight me like a boy? (cheering and bleeping) (bell dinging) (crowd cheering and chanting "Jerry!") Come on, man. This is crazy, man. This is a man? A man? You a man? -(Jerry) I'm gonna have to take her word for it because she told me that. I'm not checking. (laughter) -I ain't checking either. (crowd cheering) Come on man, I ain't gay. How you gonna try me like that; bring me on TV and embarrass me. I ain't gay. My people looking at this, now I'm gonna be gay. Come on, man. You a man? -I'm not a man anymore. -Man, I need to smoke for real, man. Can take a smoke--I need to smoke. I need a blunt for real. My head ain't right. (audience cheering) -(Jerry) I agree, I agree. But there wasn't any-- or there some intimacy, but not a lot. -Man, the only thing that it did to me was get (bleep) my car and that's why I couldn't do nothin', 'cause its period was on. Your period...what your period... -Your boys' car. You ain't got no (bleep) You ain't got a car. You do not have a car. You bought one... -It don't matter. It don't matter. You just said you in love with me, so that ain't it. -Yeah, I know, but it's not because you got a car. -You a man.'re crazy as hell, that's why. -I'm crazy? -You crazy, look at you. -You crazy, you a man! -I know, but I ain't... -Dressed up like a female. (audience applauds) -But I'm a sexy man. -You a sexy man? You a crazy man. You're a freak. You're a freak. -How many men out here can throw on this outfit and look as good as me? Why would you call me a man? Do I look like a man? No. -How many men would throw on this outfit and try to go give 'em (bleep) in a car and tell him you wanna be with him? (applause) Come on, man. He's crazy, man. this till now (bleep) What's wrong with you, man? Come on, man. -You can vote anytime during the show. Uh, okay, now your fiancee doesn't know anything about him? -No. -Fiancee... -(Jerry) Well, he does now 'cause he's watching. Let's bring him out. Gilberto. (cheers and applause) -What? What the hell is wrong with you? Yo, what's wrong with you? -I don't wanna be with you no more. -You don't want to be with me? So, why didn't you tell me that when I put that ring on your finger? -Because I didn't know at first. I did not know at first. I didn't know at first. -Why would you do this to me, Jaemy? -I'm sorry, but I'm not in love with you. -What you sorry for? You introduced me to your mother. -(Nard) This a freak show, man! -What you say? -This a freak show! -What you say? -This crazy... (bleep) -What's wrong with you? -What? What? (audience cheers) (bleep) (bell dinging) (crowd chanting "Jerry!") You a man? You a man? Wanna fight me? Wanna shoot? -(Gilberto) Man, you don't understand. I got...I've been with her for four months. I got this girl tattooed on my stomach. I brought her home to my family. I mean, (bleep) I'm trying to give you everything that I could possibly give you. I worked my ass off for that ring. What you mean you gotta bring me on Jerry Springer to play me like that? What's wrong with you? What the (bleep) What's wrong with you? What do you mean you don't want to be with me? -I don't wanna be with you... I do not love you. -You don't wanna marry me? I dragged your ass down the aisle. You better know. I told you. You think you crazy? I'll show you crazy. (crowd cheers) (bleep) -What you mean? What you mean? -(indistinct) What happened? -Who the girl? (laughter) -So there's no trick here. You obviously know she's transgender. You love her. But she's saying to you she's not in love with you. Now, I'm not saying who she should be with. That's her business. But she doesn't love you. She doesn't love you. You can't force her. -Jerry, I respect her for who she is. I treat her like a woman. He's over here calling her a boy and all that. Is that what you want for the rest of your life? You want somebody to make you feel like a boy? You want somebody to make you feel like you was born with a penis in between your legs? Is that what you want for the rest of your life? -Yeah, but it's not a penis anymore though. -Yo, listen. -What happened? -He can't give you everything that I've given you. -I sent you a picture. (laughter) What have you given me? -I've given you everything. I've given you my life. I've dedicated myself for you. -Listen, I'm not in love with you though. -Yo... What you mean you not in love with me? -I'm not in love with you. I'm sorry. I mean, it's only been for a month. -What you sorry for? (crowd cheering) (bleeping) (crowd chanting "Jerry!") -(Jerry) All right. So... -(Nard) Man, I don't want nothing to do with this. Oh no, dude. -What you talkin' about? Shut up! -Shut up? -Yeah. (crowd reacting and chanting "Jerry!") -(Jerry) All right. Thank you. Okay, so you obviously-- you're done with that. -Man, it ain't never nothin' over nothin'. -It wasn't ever anything? And okay... (applause) Uh, so he was, in a sense, tricked? No matter what your motive was, even though you wanted to be with him, the fact is you were with him under false pretenses. Okay, so he's saying that's out. And she has a right to be with who she wants to be. -She gotta be with me, Jerry. There ain't no one else but me. -Listen... -I'm listening, what? -Listen, I don't want to be with you though. -You gotta be with me! (audience reacts) -You need to calm down, 'cause it's not even that serious. -You gonna say that in my face? -(Jerry) We'll be back. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Dude Finds Out Girl He Met On Myspace & Got Dome From Is A Man On Jerry Springer! "This A Man? How You Gonna Try Me On TV. I Aint Gay" (Captioned by Sebastian for

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