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This tutorial will show you how to find a specific journal. From the libraries' homepage you can either search the library catalog or just the Journals using this drop down menu and search box. For this tutorial I will search just the journals. Click on the down arrow next to Catalog to view the drop down menu, then click on Journals. Enter the journal title into the search box then hit enter or return on your keyboard to search. Many times there are multiple databases that have online access to a journal. Each possibility will have the date ranges of online availability. If the date you need is not available click on Look for print and other formats to search for the print version in the library catalog. Or request a copy to have an article from this journal delivered to you electronically. You can also search and browse for journal titles using the e-journals list. To access this list from the libraries' homepage click on Find. Then click on Journals. You may either type in the title of the journal or browse for the title. If you are typing in the title please pay attention to how the title will be searched by selecting starts with, contains, or exact match. To browse for journal titles by subject using the e-journals list click on the Subject Browse tab. Select a subject and a sub-category then click search. You know have access to all of the e-journals from this subject and sub-category and may browse by title. Select the alphabetical range for your journal title. Once you have scrolled down to find your journal title you may view the journal title history for journal title changes. Click on the current title for online access. Remember, use the journals option to search for an exact journal title. You may also browse or search for journals on the e-journals page under Find.

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