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In a tourist town like Santa Barbara, where it's so beautiful, there's this huge contingency of unsheltered folks. We call them our friends without homes. When you dig deep enough to hear the story of somebody's life, you can see that this was somebody's mother, brother, sister, father. They're people that had these amazing lives and then something breaks. Hey Bob, It's Kaci, I got your voicemail. Yeah, what's going on? Yeah, see when I check aminoglycosides, penicillins, macrolides, cephalosporins... I came to McKesson to work on data analytics because I really think that is how we're going to drive change within the health care system. Sometimes I do miss having that direct link to a patient where you know that what you did that day did make somebody's life better. And that's one of the reasons that I started volunteering at the clinic. So McKesson has a lot of financial incentives for the organizations that I volunteer for. I received a five thousand dollar grant for Doctors Without Walls. This extra five thousand dollars really does let us directly care for more patients. Doctors Without Walls, Santa Barbara Street Medicine, operates in outdoor clinics. We deliver all our medical care free of charge, regardless of who you are, regardless of your insurance status. Our concern is to make you well. We operate in a convent, it's pretty humble and this is our pharmacy. We have everything that you could possibly need to deliver care on the streets. Our largest asset is our volunteers. We're always looking at the next best, right thing for everybody. And that involves a good pharmacist and that's what Kaci does for us. I find that there's always time for things that are important to you. I want the way that I spend my time to be a reflection of my values and what I think is important in life. What we provide is essential to save lives and to provide hope. And I hope that we do that. I think we're doing it, I think we're doing a great thing. And it takes a lot of people to make this work. And it's a great investment in the future of people in so many ways. You know, from the students, to the patients, to the community, it's an essential service. You just never know about people, they surprise you in beautiful ways.

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